Wednesday, May 23, 2012

25 Weeks!

I can guarantee you when I bought this dress four years ago for our rehearsal dinner, I never dreamed that I would some day be wearing it at 25 weeks pregnant!

bought this dress 4 years ago for our rehearsal dinner. never dreamed I'd someday be wearing it at 25 weeks pregnant!

May 20, 2012 - 25 Weeks


July 4, 2008 - With my bridesmaids at our rehearsal dinner
{I sure would love to have that tan back!}

Size of Baby:  According to Baby Center, Griff is measuring about 13 1/2 inches and weighing in a little over a pound and a half. He should start putting on some baby fat here in the next few weeks. Even more fun, he's growing more hair and if we could see him, we'd be able to tell what color it is! {keeping my fingers crossed for a sweet red head!} 

Symptoms: - Last week was definitely rough with a lot of back and rib pain, but thankfully that passed this weekend with a good deal of rest. Plus, I think I've come to terms with the fact that as long as I'm working in an office and sitting in a chair,  I will have a little foot sticking into my ribs. I also think there's a slight chance I've started feeling some Braxton Hicks. I was standing up from my chair today and my stomach was as hard as a rock.I had no idea what as causing the pain at first, but I noticed it went away after a few minutes and my stomach got soft again, which is what made me think it could be Braxton Hicks!

 Cravings/Aversions: - My weird aversion this week is.... WATER! If I drink any type of water other than bottled water, it makes me want to gag. I am so thankful that my eco conscious, earth loving husband let me buy a pack of bottle waters to help me make it through this week. In exchange, I promised him that we can recycle every bottle and I won't throw them away :) 

Maternity Clothes: - Still rocking both. The belly band is helping my summer capris and shorts still work, but I am about ready to purchase a few more pairs of maternity bottoms. They're just so comfortable!

 Sleep: - Other than the fact that I'm so high maintenance with all of my pillows, I'm sleeping great! I have noticed that I'm starting to have a few calf cramps when I wake up, along with some good morning kicks after my alarm goes off!

 Highlights Of This Week: 
 - Griffin is obviously getting much stronger based off of his kicks! It's been fun to see my stomach (and the objects on it!) move because he's moving!

 Funniest Dream Of This Week: - I dreamed the other day that one of my co-workers was quitting. She had no reasoning for why she was quitting and couldn't even be convinced to stick around so that she would get the tuition discount for her children. I was majorly distraught over her lack of reasoning!

Looking forward to: - Memorial Weekend! This will be my only "vacation" this summer since I'm saving up all paid time off for my maternity leave, so we're planning on making the most of it!



  1. You look adorable!!

  2. Words cannot describe watching a little life move inside you on the outside! Was my absolute favourite thing :)

  3. if you can, switch to an exercise ball at work instead of a desk chair - for at least part of your day. it's done wonders for my rib pain! i also (just this week) started seeing a chiropractor to help get me through the next couple weeks.

    and that definitely sounds like braxton hicks to me. they're not fun - not painful, just annoying and uncomfortable.


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