Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's A Bird... It's A Plane... Baby Neinast Is A...

We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating with our family at a special gender reveal party! Way before we were even pregnant, I knew it would be so fun to have a party with our families based off of the many blog posts and ideas I saw floating around Pinterest. As cute as some of the ideas were, I knew I wanted to come up with a theme that was very "us." After lots of thinking and scheming, we finally came up with the perfect idea: a Superman and Lois Lane party!

I created custom invitations to send out to our family a few weeks before the big day:


While I created some decorations, I have to give the credit for the cuteness you're about to see to my mom and Bami. They went over and beyond to create such a fun spread for the night and it definitely would not have been a success without them! Here are some pictures of our decorations:

Picnik collage
the table decorations// the front porch // sono pics & baby pics of cody and I
banners // cute dishes // presents for family 

Picnik collage
a canvas with our baby chucks // the whole table //  family presents //  cody and I as babies

One of my favorite moments of the night was when my parents walked out in their outfits. You see, I don't have my "go big or go home" attitude for no reason... it came from them! So when it came time to choose team pink or blue, my parents went all out! My dad wore a baseball outfit, complete with glove, slingshot and a stuffed frog, and my mom came as Fancy Nancy! Seriously, her outfit was so great and I loved every minute of it! {I will give a disclaimer though, my dad wore blue even though he thought it was a girl and my mom wore pink even though she thought it was a boy!}

Picnik collage
Fancy Nancy & Baseball Star // my family // all of the ladies // Cody & parents

Picnik collage
Team Blue & Team Pink!

Picnik collage
Nathan & Kaitlan did a fun twist on team blue and wore Superhero shirts. Apparently the shirts gave them super jumping powers :)

We enjoyed a nice dinner, followed by a special dessert {my mom made a cake recipe that was her grandmother's recipe!} before it came time for the big reveal! While none of us may have one the multi millions on Friday night, we were all going to be winners tonight!  I created scratch off tickets so that everyone got to participate and enjoy the celebration all at once!


According to the poll, it looks like lots of people thought it was going to be a girl!  I have to be honest with you, we've actually known for a REALLY long time that we're having a boy. Way back on my twelve week post, I wrote about dreaming that we went to our next sono and found out what we're having. Well, apparently I'm prophetic! We did go to the appointment and after telling the nurse my dream, she asked a couple questions to find out if we were actually going to find out. After telling her yes, she went ahead and told us with 95% certainty that it was going to be a boy! We only told 2 close friends the news and did a really great job keeping it a secret from our families!

I am so thankful now that the cat is out of the bag and we can stop being so careful about what we say around people!  Our little man is loved so much already and we just can't wait for him to be here!

One last picture because I just loved it so much... Fancy Nancy everyone!  :)


Thanks again to my parents and Bami for all of their hard work to make it such a wonderful evening!



  1. I was sure Ten was a girl! Guess I'm not a very good guesser. I have a gift for Ten that fits well with your party theme. :)

  2. A bouncing baby BOY! Woo hoo! And Abby, your party is so cute! Love all the creative touches - it's so "you"!


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