Sunday, April 29, 2012


it's been a while...

Snickers Dip. Ready and waiting for small group! splenda. coconut vinegar. the ultimate fruit salad!

a perk of being pregnant is that you can eat the last of the leftovers & no one gets mad! plus, it's fruit so I'm totally being healthy, right? :) Untitled

{said fruit salad with cool whip. as the house's resident pregnant lady, i can eat the last serving and cody doesn't get mad!}

{love cuddling with this blanket. even if it's really for griffin and not for me. more to come on this}

having a heart to heart convo. on the road with my little man at 20 weeks. we're halfway there!

{cody & dakota, having a heart to heart}

{traveling with my littlest man}

someone has the leash stretched to its full length. he's like a teenager embarrassed to be seen with mom. fiesta adds fun to unloading the dishwasher!

{some one has entered the teenage years. stretched the leash to full capacity, attitude in the tail and clearly saying that i am not cool to be seen with}

{a fiesta rainbow brightens up unloading the dishwasher}

the perfect sweet and salty. thanks chick fil a! it's going to be a fun weekend!

{chick-fil-a fries and polynesian sauce. the perfect combination}

{a fun weekend project. that is still going on. and don't worry, the pink won't be in the nursery!}

He's done painting, now @codyneinast is making a scale diagram of the room! we're a chick fil a family through and through.

{cody making a scale drawing of the nursery, complete with cut out pieces of furniture for me to play around with arranging the room}

{we're a chick-fil-a family through and through}

now you're caught up on what we've been doing!

life rearranged


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