Wednesday, April 4, 2012

18 Weeks!


Size of Baby: According to Baby Center, our little man is about 5 1/2 inches long and weighs close to 7 oz! He's busy flexing his arms and legs — which I've been lucky enough to feel a few times!

- Overall, feeling really good! I did have some swelling the past two weekends, but checked with my dr. and she said it was probably a little bit pregnancy related, but mostly heat and travel! I know I am overly concerned about swelling, mainly because major swelling is a sign of heart failure. At least for now I'm in the clear!

-  I've had a few days of wanting snow cones or slushes because it's already been so hot, but other than that, nothing major!

Maternity Clothes:
- I went to Burlington Coat Factory this weekend and finally got a few items! {great place for cheap items to make it through a season!}  I haven't actually worn any of them yet, but it sure is nice to know that I have them! I imagine I'll be breaking into them pretty soon... our work team wore all black today in honor of my boss's 60th birthday. Even with a belly band, the skirt is majorly tight, reminding me that it is probably time to retire my normal clothes!

- Sleeping great this week!

Highlights Of This Week:
- Our gender reveal party! It's so much fun to share with everyone in our exciting news about our little man!
- Feeling definite kicks and punches as I'm going to bed! It hasn't been every night, but it's been fun to feel him stretching and making his presence known!

(These are mostly funny, not necessarily highlights!)
- My mom and Bami both saying - "Oh thank goodness!!! Your face isn't nearly as swollen as what I thought it was going to be!" Apparently I do not photograph well from the side :)
- My nurse loudly announcing to me how much weight I'd gained this past month. I can't even be mad about it either, because she genuinely seemed very proud of my gain!

Funniest Dream Of This Week:
{Here's some back ground info for my dream: there are 3 of us pregnant at my work right now, one late June, I'm eary Sept, one late Sept. Then, my mom was telling us this weekend about taking my brother home from the hospital in a white sailor suit and Nathan had an explosive yellow diaper right as they are about to leave! Sounds fun, huh?}

- I dreamed this week that I had the baby and Cody and I were getting ready to take him home. As we're about to walk out, I tell Cody to hold on because I can tell he's about to have an accident in his white, hand decorated onesie. To save the onesie, I hold him over a table and just let the mess go onto it. As I am then cleaning up the table mess, several of my coworkers and Sunday School members show up to visit us. Cody is like Mr. Social entertaining everyone while I'm not only cleaning up the table mess, but also cleaning off our car seat. I remember scrubbing it and thinking, "Did we not buy a new car seat? Why is this so dirty? We need to return this to the store and get a new one!"

Then, my boss shows up and says, "Abby, who would have thought you were going to be the first one to have your baby on our floor?!" Then I realize that I have no idea what day my baby was born on, so I'm scrambling to find out from everyone. He was born on August 4th and I remember thinking, "He is here so early! Why didn't they keep him in the NICU? What if something is really wrong with him?" Finally, as we were actually about to leave, I remembered that we needed to call my parents and let them know he was here!

Whew! What a dream huh?

Looking forward to:
- Easter and a long weekend! No work on Friday hopefully means a fun day date for Cody and I to see the Hunger Games!


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