Monday, February 27, 2012

Things You Should Not Say To A Pregnant Lady - 1

Getting dressed is a slight challenge these days. After one too many outfits changes the other morning, I finally found a loose, black dress that made me feel good about myself and didn't scream MAKE WAY FOR THE PUDGY LADY! Paired with a cute striped cardi, I was set for the day and struttin' my stuff.

That afternoon, I was headed out to lunch and passed my director talking with a co-worker and student worker. As I passed him, he stopped me and said "Abby, I've been looking for you today! Let me see your profile."

I gave him a confused stare but turned to the side.


oh yes, he did.

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Things That Are Acceptable To Say To A Pregnant Woman - 1

Cody and I went out this past weekend to finally celebrate Valentine's Day. We enjoyed a nice (though slightly awkward because we were shoved in a weird corner to eat amongst a crowd of people waiting to be seated) dinner at Olive Garden and had plans to hit up Old Navy afterwards for their jean sale. I was telling Cody that I needed the waiter to bring me a to-go box so I would stop eating so I wasn't uncomfortably full when we went to try on jeans. He said "Well, wouldn't it be nice to be as full as possible so you'll know where you're going?" I was then telling him that it's already an ego defeater to know I'm going to buy a size up and I really don't want to have to buy any more than that because it's just so hard and depressing right now in this in between stage yada yada yada...

Cody gave me a long stare and then, in all seriousness, said:

"I've got to be honest with you, I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what to say right now!"

Now that ladies, is what a man should say to a women!

{and if you're pregnant right now, go buy yourself a pair of jeans that fit, even if they are a size up. I got a cheap pair for $19 at old navy and it was money well spent. it's so nice to get dressed and feel good about yourself!}


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  1. I have thoughts about what your director said.


    The first being this: Would he have stopped you and examined your profile if you WEREN'T pregnant?

    No, I didn't think so.

    So then, why is it in any way ok that he does it now *just* because you're pregnant?

    That's what I thought.

    As Bon Qui Qui would say- RUDE.

    {rant over. stepping off my soapbox now.}


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