Thursday, January 26, 2012

Insta Friday - 15

Picnik collage

this message was on a calendar my mom gave me and i loved the message -  god spared no enthusiasm for you!
here's a great way to keep track of your water consumption - stick a rubber band on it each time you finish a glass! it makes it much easier to count :)
a cute bandaid makes any knife cut feel better.
it was only after i got back to work that i realized i brought left overs. 

Picnik collage

not even good candy choices helped me bribe students to come to my table at a high school lunch visit.
my new piece of furniture, pretty painted and waiting for new knobs!
kota, being extremely cuddly and lovey, knowing we were probably about ready to get rid of him
donut stop. the best thing about canyon, tx. the cherry donut will change. your. life. 

that's a sneak peek into my week! what did you see this week?

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  1. Love your piece of furniture waiting for knobs!! Cute.

  2. Cherry donuts sound awesome! And I love the furniture piece... great color!

  3. Love the new furniture!!!! We had donuts this week as well. Adorable sleeping doggie.

  4. Loving the hello kitty bandaide. Have a happy week!

  5. I love your dog! Way too cute! :)


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