Sunday, January 1, 2012

Baby's Got Her Onion Goggles On.

While opening our stockings with my family, I received one of my most interesting gifts today. I have to admit I was a little stumped when I first pulled it out. I consider myself a pretty fashion forward person and, well, um, these glasses didn't really seem to match my style. {see bottom left picture to get an idea of what I first saw} Then I thought my mom was maybe trying to help me be a little more athletic and got me glasses I could wear outside while working out or maybe go skiing, but that's not really my thing either. Finally, I read the package and realized just what the gift was: Onion Goggles!

Here's the description from Amazon:

Say goodbye to tearing, stinging, irritated eyes when chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing onions and their relatives—leeks, scallions and chives. Wearing the stylish and comfortable Onion Goggles will protect the eyes from irritating onion vapors. The soft foam seal keeps out the nasty onion vapors. When onions are cut, an enzyme called sulfoxide lyase and sulfuric compounds are released from the broken cells. When exposed to air, they react with one another to form a vapor. As this vapor evaporates, it irritates our eyes and causes us to cry.

Basically, you wear them when choppin' onions to keep you from crying!

Picnik collage

I didn't have any onion chopping to do while at home, but I was finally able to test these bad boys out last night for our New Year's Eve dinner.  I'll be honest, I feel slightly silly in them and I wasn't sure they could really help, but they seriously work! The onion I chopped was super, super strong {like I thought it was going to make Cody cry in the next room} but I didn't shed one tear! If you cook a lot with onions and are tired of the tears, you might want to make this your next gadget you purchase! My mom purchased them at a local store, but I found them online at Amazon for the same price. {apparently they come in five different colors!}

You'll never view onion chopping the same! :)

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