Thursday, December 8, 2011

Insta-Friday 13

i spy with my little eye...

Picnik collage

these homemade letters at a craft show. they were fabulous and i'm highly debating ordering an "N"
a super cute {i'm baised} plate I painted at mine by design last weekend
a new golf pro in the neinast family
this handsome little man wearing one of the best little boy outfits i've seen

Picnik collage

a pintrest project that i nailed 
and a couple of projects that slightly failed

Picnik collage

christmas time on our campus
an order ready to ship
the first present under the tree
the table we decorated for our church's women's ministry dinner

that's what my eyes spied this week, what did you see?
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life rearranged



  1. I'm so eager to start some DIY projects I found on Pinterest.

  2. Fabulous table centerpiece! I love all the colors - might have to do something like that in our dining room next year!!!


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