Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Good Housewife.

I loaded the dishwasher yesterday.


Just kidding. I know this doesn't seem like a feat by any means and I'm certainly not trying to get a pat on the back. I'm actually here to give major props to the other housewife who's moved into my house: Cody!

For real y'all. The man has been a rockstar the past couple of weeks. Other than a few loads of laundry on the weekends, loading the dishwasher is the first "chore" I've done since I've started traveling for work. Knowing that I don't have to worry about the pressure of keeping the house clean has done such a wonder for my stress level and I truly cannot express how thankful I am for his help!

I like to tease him by calling him my housewife and I can tell it slightly bugs him {because trust me, he's much more manly than the housewife type} but I hope he hears me say it and knows JUST HOW MUCH I appreciate everything he's doing around the house!


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