Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Abby - 6


I'm changing things up this week and asking YOU the dear abby question!

It's about this time every year that I get itching for change... a hair change! Last year I grew my hair out and got bangs, but right now I don't have a whole lot of length to work with, plus I really like the style I have!

So that leaves me one option: changing the color!

Many a moon ago, {about 15 years actually} my mom let me get my first set of highlights. I was getting a haircut and the stylist suggested we put in some blonde and for some crazy reason, my mom agreed. I can't actually remember how long I had the blonde highlights for, but eventually I got a new stylist and she suggested going with red. I made the switch and haven't looked back since. As I've gotten older, my natural hair color has turned more into an auburn, especially if I've spent a great deal of time outside. Truly, my skin color is much better suited with red and I actually feel a slight cringe inside when I think about my blonde highlights! {also, now that I pay for my own haircuts and know how much highlights cost, I am so thankful for my parents... and I also wonder why they were willing to pay that much for me!}

We saw 50/50 on Friday night {side note: GREAT show! some language, but such a touching story line} and the whole time I couldn't stop admiring Bryce Dallas Howard's hair color.


{I put this picture up yesterday, but I'm putting it up again because I feel like it is the best picture I currently have of my true hair color}

Her hair color isn't all that different from mine right now, the main difference is that it's a darker shade of red, which I really love for fall. So Dear Abby readers, what do you think? Should I go for the new hair color or leave it like I currently have it? Please help!

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  1. You know me, I am always a fan of hair color :) Go for it! Viva la red!

  2. Go with the darker color! I loooovve red hair, and Bryce Dallas Howard's is so, so pretty. Plus, I think it would look really great on you for fall/winter.
    Amber avhogan27 at gmail dot com
    (I'm having SO much trouble leaving comments anywhere lately! I have to do it annonymously, and what's the fun in that? Anyone else struggling, too?)

  3. Definitely go darker - that color will look amazing on you!

  4. I say go for it. I dyed my hair red (every different shade imaginable) for years and years. Only stopped about a year ago when I was asked to reduce chemicals. Can't wait to see how it looks!

  5. I just recently learned of a glaze for hair. It's like a deep conditioner that leaves your hair super shiny and refreshed. You can also ask for a tinted glaze that adds a bit of color. Instead of it growing out, it slowly fades out over about 6 weeks. And it's very inexpensive. I paid $30. This might be a nice in between option for you.


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