Saturday, October 1, 2011

Craft Room.

alternately titled: I can't believe I'm posting these pictures.

How's your Saturday been?

Ours has been surprisingly productive. Every weekend when I get back home I say to Cody - I know I have stuff to do but being gone during the week makes me want to be super lazy on the weekends. Luckily this weekend, I managed to have a good balance of laziness {can it really be a weekend without a nice nap?!} and productivity, which you're about to see.

When we were in the house hunt process, we were looking for an open floor plan and eventually found the perfect one. Our open floor plan came with a small side room which we found out was a converted patio. The small room fulfilled one of my long time dreams: a craft room!

Organization and cleanliness have never been my strong suits, despite my {sometimes} efforts. Recently it's gotten really out of hand and drastic measures needed to be taken so that I can actually use the room again. Here's where we're getting real close and personal on the blog and you're about to see my faults... be nice, ok? {my only excuse is that the room snowballed after the flea market we did and i've never taken the time to clean...sorry these are all camera pictures. it's just easier sometimes!}

Here's what my craft room looked like this afternoon when I started:

And if that wasn't bad enough, it even spilled out into the living room:


{my mom is probably dying right now. sorry mom!}

So I set to work, pulling out of of the junk and sorting through what I really need and finding a place for everything I'm keeping. One of my big problems is scrapbook paper. I have a large amount of it and didn't really have a good way to store it.

After a little pinterest searching, I found a couple of options and set out to make something happen. I looked at a couple options, but went with the cheapest option. I bought a large stackable tub from Walmart and a pack of hanging file folders. (about $10 for both)

I then set out sorting pieces, colors and put it into the tub. After a little bit of work, I had it consolidated to this:

MUCH more organized and easy to move around if needed! After getting my paper situated, I then moved on to paints. I purged anything that was old, then sorted into the plastic 3 drawers. One drawer for reds,pinks,yellows and oranges, one for blues, greens, purples, and one for blacks, browns, whites and neutrals, plus Modge Podge and such.

{hopefully tomorrow I'll finish labeling all of them!}

After a few hours today, I am very, very happy to say that my craft room now looks like this:

and here's what that little living room overflow now looks like!

I still need to work on my fabric, which is the box you see on the floor and stuck into that shelve. I do have an idea and hopefully I'll be able to finish it tomorrow!  As embarrassed as I am by the before, I'm so thankful I took the time to get everything in it's place. It's amazing how much more inspired you are to go craft when you have an organized room to go to!

How's your weekend been?


  1. Good work!You made some great headway! I have a craft room that needs some attention too, but I am on the computer.... :)

  2. We all have little areas in our house that look like that! I probably have more than most people LOL. Looks great now though, lots of progress. Doesn't it feel good to have things organized? You would think that would give me more motivation to do it!!!


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