Thursday, September 29, 2011

Insta- Friday 7

welcome back for another look into my week!

1. i went with my MAC Red lipstick for date night. it's guaranteed to get a lot of looks :)
2. a new fall wreath made this week {tutorial to come!}

3. i sweet talked this guy into helping me in the nursery on sunday. wouldn't you know he helped on the week we had 7 babies, 5 of which were crying?
4. look who showed up at our house. which would seem normal, if we hadn't already dropped him off at the dog sitters for the week! he dug out of their back yard and someone picked him up and returned him. he was so proud to have found us!

5. the hubby's hometown - wildcat magic!
6. we officially joined a church last sunday!

7. my college fair was at the arena where my brother works, so of course we had to get a picture for mom!
8. it was too dark to be leaving for work. {the only perk is stopping for starbucks!}

9. they were doing construction on the way into town. i followed the truck in front of me and changed into the left lane and then got caught by the red light. i wasn't really sure what i needed to do and a couple of highway workers had to come direct me to get back into the right lane. i promise i've been driving a while...
10. only in a small town would you find water bottles with an insurance agents face on them!

11. my mom has a slight starbucks problem. they don't have one in our town, so when we go to the big city, she buys several to make it through the week. she has now resorted to taking her own pitcher! yes, the call her the chai lady as soon as she walks in. {you don't even want to know how complicated her order is or how many starbucks cups she's hoarding at home!}
12. as i'm driving home, i know i've made it to west texas when i make it to the windmills!

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  1. <3 your windmill photo. keep on instagraming!

  2. no starbucks???? love the pitcher idea. brilliant! great pics. i can't wait to see the wreath tutorial. love that.i have a weakness for n's!

  3. I too love that windmill pic!!!! So wish Strbucks was not not so dang expensive!!! Love that place!!

  4. no Starbucks?? I'm in love with the salted caramel mocha's.

    Congrats on joining a church :)

  5. Congrats on joining your church, that is so exciting! LOVE the windmill picture, we have a set of those here in Cali!

  6. that wreath is adorable...can't wait for the tutorial :)

  7. No starbucks is such a sad thing :( I love that she has her own pitcher, and I thought it was sad that there was not one on my way to work.

    Congrats on finding a church & joining - that's amazing!

  8. I loved these! We lived in Dallas when we were first married! ;) and I literally lol at the pitcher in Starbucks! Holy cow!


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