Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crockpot Week - Short Ribs.

Happy weekend yall! How has your Saturday been? Ours has been a nice mixture of relaxation and productivity. Kota woke up us at 8 this morning and despite my efforts to go back to bed, we jumped up and at 'em and laced up our running shoes. I set off for a lovely {ha!} 3 mile run and Cody the stud conquered SEVEN miles. He's planning on running a half marathon in November and is doing unbelievable with the training.

Despite my lack of desire to be running this morning, I had to admit it was so nice to be back outside and enjoying the sun without dying from heat. We're supposed to have high's in the 80's for a few days this week... we cannot be more thankful for a small break from the heat!

 After cleaning up, we ran to the mall to visit a few stores. Dillards was having a fantastic sale and Cody caught dress pants, a  matching vest and a fedora! He is in style heaven. Out little mall may not have the most appealing stores, but we sure do have fun people watching when we go! It is truly amazing what people will wear and do in public!

 We then had a nice long nap, I ran to Walmart to get groceries and then we came home for a nice dinner. Did y'all see the Crockpot Girls on Facebook this week? They became an overnight hit this week. Coupled with Kelly's Korner Blog Crockpotalooza, I figured it was time to put my crockpot to serious use!

So this week at the Neinast household, we're having crockpot week! I made a dish last week that I will post the recipe for soon, but today I made Beef Short Ribs for the first time. I was SUPER nervous about making these. They've actually been in our freezer for a while. I believe my parents gave us them a while back and I've been too scared to try them out! I googled and pinterested, but I couldn't really find a good recipe to use with a crockpot, so I kinda went with a mix of a couple.

Take one onion, sliced in large rings and put these on the bottom of your crock pot. Place your short ribs on top and season to your preference. I used garlic, my mom's season salt and maplewood. I went pretty liberal with the seasoning and feel like I could have gone even heavier. I then poured about a cup or so of honey barbeque sauce over the whole thing and let it cook on low for about 7 hours.

 These ended up so much better than I ever dreamed! Cody, of course, thought they were fantastic. I served them with simple mashed potatoes and garlic bread. If I wasn't going simple, I would have added salad too.  I will definitely keep my eyes open for short ribs on sale in the future!

Stay tuned for more great recipes this week!


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  1. your day sounds perfect! today was a great day for us, too. we took the boy to my parents and had fun window shopping at furniture stores. then a nap and date night!

    i've always been scared to attempt ribs as well. i'll have to try your recipe!


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