Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hawaiian Sandwiches, Poor Man Style.

Starting July 1, Cody and I were on a self imposed financial crisis.

{note: calling it a financial crisis = abby exaggerating.}

Actually, we really just made ourselves get back on our budget. We haven't been going crazy and spending money beyond our means, but we also haven't been as wise as we should have been.

This return to the budget has brought much creativity to my grocery shopping. I'm trying to make good meals without having to buy a lot of items, which makes for some interesting swap outs! We returned for our weekend on the lake with 2 packages of hot dog buns. Now, every once in a while I want a good hot dog, but I knew two packages would be too many dogs for this girl.

Enter the {Hot Dog} Hawaiian Sandwiches!

This is such a simple and delicious meal. If you haven't ever made it, put it on your menu for next week! {for reals yall} Our family actually eats these on Christmas day. They're so great for parties because they're delicious AND you can make them the night before, making for a smoother evening before a party. Here's the original recipe:


Honestly, all I did to alter the recipe was use hot dog buns instead of the Hawaiian rolls. {looking back, I realize this is a slight lie. We use shredded cheese instead of slices. See Financial Crisis Use Food On Hand Above.}  I was really afraid that the recipe wouldn't turn out as good without the sweet bread, but Cody and I both agreed we didn't notice any difference. The hot dog buns were actually easier to eat!

Here's an instagram shot of our meal:


Once you try this recipe, you'll probably want to add it to your weekly rotation. We had them Wednesday night... and I served them last night for our Sunday School social.  They are that good people!


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