Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIWW #15 - Hello Bold!


a few days ago on twitter i saw this quote: "dress to please yourself... forget you are what you wear...wear what you are!"

i spent most of the day thinking about it and realized that has certainly become my fashion style. i really felt like this outfit fits the bill on wearing what i am.


{sweater: jcpenney shirt: franchesca's belt & skirt: express}

this outfit is a little kooky, i realize. but i love it. i love the color, the play on patterns, the simpleness yet sophistication.  i realize this outfit certainly isn't for everyone and that's ok. that is the beauty of wearing what you are. we can all take inspiration from each other, but in the end it comes down to our own personal flair.

i'm linking up to the pleated poppy's wiww.

tell me ladies... what is your outfit to wear what you are?
{here's why i see myself in this: i'm cheerful, like the color of the cardi. i'm playful, like the polka dots. i'm fiesty, like the leopard belt. and i sparkle, like the gold jewelry. more in like a figurative sparkling personality and not like twilight style!}

thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is quite possibly my favorite outfit of the day! It's perfect! The polka dots paired with the animal print is lovely.

    And a friend just recently introduced me to Franchesca's and I am in LOVE!

  2. Wowza! That's a smokin' hot outfit! :)

  3. I saw and love that quote too! That is a great outfit!

  4. that is a great quote. i need to remember to dress for me and not for the latest trend.

    you look stunning!

  5. I completely agree with you. I am much more energetic wearing clothes that fit my personality. I lean towards bright colors for a little dose of happiness.

    You look perfectly put together - love it!

  6. love the outfit, every bit of it!! i like bright colors, fitted shirt, and a cute skirt or fun pair of jeans, plus a huge bracelet to make me feel trendy!

  7. I love that top! and your makeup is to die for!

  8. Hi Abby! I don't think it's kooky at all. I love your outfit! Especially the combination of colors.

    And I love what you said about wearing what you are. That's exactly what I'm about at my Dressing My Truth blog so you have my full agreement & support on that.

    I followed you here from WIWW!


  9. That outfit is a really great combination! You look super cute!

  10. I love that quote! THanks for sharing! What a great outfit! Not too over the top, but still unique!

  11. Great job pairing the colors and patterns. I love it!

  12. I haven't commented on a lot of your WIWW posts, but OH MY WORD, am I ever loving what you're putting together! Yes, the outfit is so you and I love it. Next time I'm in Abilene, can we do our own version of What Not To Wear with you as my own personal Stacy and Clinton? Please?


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