Sunday, May 8, 2011


{cody could never say he didn't know what he was getting into with my looks!}

so very, very thankful for the wonderful women i have in my life. my mom is my best friend and i love that i can see that her mom is her best friend too.

she's taught me to be crafty. oh, how i wish i could show you pictures of some of the outfits she's made for me! our red, matching satin dresses are one of my favorites, though the matching dress she stayed up making till 4 in the morning for one of my doll's christmas presents will forever go down in history... as i started crying when i saw it. who knows why!

she's taught me the importance of taking care of my house. today, i cleaned out my fridge. like took every item out and deep scrubbed, while i had laundry going and here shortly I"ll dust and vacuum. {music to her ears} i am not clean by nature. oh, the fights we had growing up over making my bed! {i'm just going to get back into it later!} now that i have my own home though, i understand the importance of taking pride in what you own, plus the stress reliever it is to come home to a picked up house.

she's taught me to use my talents. my mom is a ridiculously talented piano player. for reals. she can put the pros to shame. i love that she is humble about it, and is willing to play for many types of events and bless many people. while i am not naturally gifted at the piano like my mom is, she still encourages me to pursue what i am good at.

she takes pride in her looks.  my mom is cute y'all. and i love when i get to go home and shop in her closet. and she likes to bless me with "the double rule." {when you find something cute, buy a double for your daughter!} she encourages me to be cute too, and to look good not only for me, but also for my husband. {cody loves it when i say: you are a reflection of me! he can thank my mom for that one :) }

she's fun to be around. we have a great time together. and laugh about nothing. seriously, it doesn't matter what we're doing, i just love being with my mom.

she supports me, in everything i do. from crafting, to grad school, my job, the surgery, my mom has been there every step of the way. to hold my hand if i needed it, to let my cry with, to laugh with, to enjoy life.

happy mother's day mom! snickers!

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  1. Abby, what a sweet post for your mom! You're right she is cute!


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