Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Look who's back!!

I fell off the WIWW bandwagon for a while. More due to lack of time to get my photos in rather than lack of cute outfits. Au contraire, I actually had some really cute outfits that I was sad I wasn't getting pictures of. The good news is I can re-wear them and you'll think they're WIWW originals :)

Here are the few pictures I did take this week:



sweater: Gap (buy 1 get 1 free!!!! $19.99 for 2!)
shirt: Loft
skirt and belt: Express
necklace: F21

I actually put this outfit together last week when I was in San Antonio for college fairs. I came prepared to celebrate 90 degree weather with sleeveless dresses and cute wedges, and this random cold storm came through. Not cool. (but cool, literally.) I bought this sweater on sale and ended up trying it on just to provide warmth. While the combo is BOLD, I actually love it. Funny thing was, as I was heading out of the hotel to the National Hispanic Fair (seriously the name of it) I realized all I needed was my bright red lipstick and I looked like a walking pinata. Arriba! :)



dress: Ross
shirt: Target
tights: Walmart
earrings: gift from bro/sis-in law... made from COCONUT shells!

I really love the color and style of this dress, but it is so dang high maintenance! I have to wear a tank, slip and tights underneath it so you can't see through it... and it already has a built in slip too! I started out the day optimistic, but after hiking the underslip down every 5 seconds... I think it has to go. The effort it takes to wear it is not worth it!

I promise I'll do better at my pictures this week! Thanks for stopping by... can't wait to see your cute outfits!

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  1. Great color combos!

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  3. Ok turquoise is too hard to spell! Love your outfits, welcome back!

  4. I love both outfits - the jewelry and color combo's are awesome. I hate it when a cute clothing item just doesn't work out - too bad about the dress, it's so cute!

  5. that second dress is darling and the sweater from the gap...oh my i am loving that color on you!

  6. Love the outfits - you look great in lots of color. So so pretty.

    Also, I think your dress makes for an easier beach look/bathing suit cover. Much less hassle.


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