Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stop and Smell.

I have high hopes of being a Martha Stuart type: fantastic cooking skills, impeccable decorating abilities, a never-ending flow of creativity and natural gift for gardening.

While I dabble in all of these areas... I'm certainly lacking expertise in any one specific area. Gardening, however, seems to be my biggest struggles. We spent a lot of time last year working on the landscaping of our house. The changes were unbelievable and made our house so much prettier. However, despite my attempts to keep my plants alive, there has only been one consistent thing that grows in the garden.

These guys:


We've lived here a year and a half and I've done absolutely nothing for these roses (save water my other plants in the flower bed) yet they continually come back. This year better than ever.

Specifically this one on the left:


Every morning we leave the house and find it has sprouted even more blooms:


Honestly, I've wanted to get rid of this rose bush for a long time. But now, I see the new buds, and I am in love.


Do you want to know how you can get your rose bush to look this luscious?


Run over it with a truck.


Apparently I never blogged about it, but last April someone stole a truck from the Country Club here in town, went for a joy ride, lost control on our street and drove into our yard.


It was in the middle of my heart surgery recovery, so we already had so much on our plate. The Lord was definitely looking out for us though. It was really thisclose to being a huge disaster.


I really thought the truck would be the death of the rose bush. And honestly, I wasn't all that upset about it. Even though we own this house, I couldn't bring myself to dig up the bushes so I was going to let the truck do the dirty work!

Imagine my surprise when the rose bush din't die... but is flourishing even more than the other one. Looks like I might get this Martha Stuart thing down after all!

So if you're wanting your roses to look like this:

use your truck!


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  1. Oh. my. gosh. So thankful that the truck didn't drive into your house!

    And for the record, you're a much better gardener than me. I can't even keep basil alive.


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