Friday, April 15, 2011

Linky Love

Here's some things I've seen out on the net this week that I think you should check out!

Welcome to the PEEP Show - This is just funny. I'm not a fan of eating PEEPS, but I enjoyed them in this form!

What Do You Want To See? - Great post that challenged my thoughts. All too often I choose to only see my shortcomings instead of focusing on my strengths.

The Single Wife - I am so proud to call the author of this post my friend. She is an incredible woman and I was challenged about my character as a wife by her post. This is a must read!

Check out my latest blog design!

We're super excited to have our first lazy Saturday in what feels like forever! I have high hopes that Cody will get the trim work finished in our kitchen so I can finally blog about it. I have a few other projects I may try to get done this week so check back in!

Enjoy your weekend!

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