Saturday, April 9, 2011

Carb Lovers Unite

I've mentioned before that my grandfather has been having some heart trouble. Of course, while he was talking with his cardiologist, it was mentioned that some life changes need to be made.

You know, the dieting/exercise kind that most of us know we need to do for our health, yet don't always find time to make it a priority.

The doctor mentioned that the South Beach Diet is a really good heart healthy way of eating, and since I myself have a pretty good reason to be taking care of my heart, I checked out a copy of the book from our library to see what it's all about.

I'm barely into it, but if I remember correctly, it focuses on low-carb/good fats. It starts off with two weeks without any carbs at all, the two weeks of working them back in, and then maintenance mode. I've been tossing around the idea of doing it, slightly because it would be nice to lose a few pounds, but more so to learn to eat better for the sake of my heart.

So last night I was asking Cody if he was going to try the South Beach Diet with me and if he thought he could survive two weeks without carbs. Here's our conversation:

Cody: You would have a harder time with it than I would. {said with piety}

Me: WHAT?! Do you really think that? {insert offended look that he would think that}

Cody: Definitely.

Me: {takes a moment to reflect before asking:} Um, Cody, what do you have for breakfast every day?

Cody: Cereal. {small grin}

Me: What do you have for lunch?

Cody: A sandwich.

Me: And?

Cody: And chips.

{scene fades out, with hysterical laughing coming from both participants, as Cody realized he is apparently way more dependant on carbs than he every though}


{update: my grandfather is doing great! he had two stents put in yesterday and got to come home from the hospital today. he'll have one more put in in a couple of weeks after he rests up. thanks for your prayers! let me know if I need to send you garlic bread of thanks!}


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  1. Can you eat stuff like BBQ sauce?? I have a good chicken recipe!


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