Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You're So Vain - WIWW *8*

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a whole week with my parents! It was a lot of fun, yet I struggled to get my WIWW pictures taken. One night as I stayed up too late to work on my post and pictures, my mom was asking my why I put so much effort into it, couldn't I give myself a night off? I opened up The Pleated Poppy and showed her the other 160 girls that linked up every week and how we get inspiration from each other. Seeing everyone else who linked up was like a huge "ahh ha!" moment for her and she confessed the following to me:

"I mean, I know that Bami (my grandmother) and I really enjoy reading your blog and it was fun the first few weeks to see what you were wearing, but I was just so confused as to why you kept doing it... on top of all of that, you kept listing out where you got everything from! Seriously, I thought you were just being so vain!!!"

So, I dedicate today's WIWW to my mom! I'm thankful she finally understands other people are doing this too and she didn't raise a *super self-absorbed* daughter!

Wednesday {traveling - high school visit}



and a myspace picture for good measure!


dress: Loft {I left it at my parent's house after the holidays. It was like Christmas to have it back!}
boots: Target
shirt, necklace and earrings: mom's closet!
{see this post if you wonder why I'm posing by a tree:)}

Thursday {traveling: coffee night with students}


{I forgot to take a real picture, but had this silly picture from a day with my mom!}

cardigan: Target, little girls
jeans: Loft

forgot to take Friday and Saturday pictures, oops!

Sunday {church}




{the far away picture make everything look the same, but it was a maroon skirt and a gray sweater}

shirt: Old Navy
sweater: Loft
skirt: F21
tights: Franchesca's
boots: Dillards {have to brag for a bit... I got these on clearance last week. They're Born, so they are SUPER comfortable, plus they were originally $189 and I got them for $50! my mom was totally right when she said she knew I would work them into my WIWW posts before it got too warm!}

Monday {work}



{I don't know why my dog is obsessed with being in my WIWW pictures!}

top: Two Sisters {a store in my hometown}
capris: Old Navy
flats: Target

{side note.. I really liked this outfit in person, but it did not seem to photograph well! I promise I'm not pregnant... though this week's blooper would say otherwise!}

Tuesday {work}



top: Target, little girls section
skirt: Express, years old
belt: Express
wedges: JCPenney's, years old

This was hands down my favorite outfit of the week! I wish it would have photographed a little better than it did, but I will definitely be wearing this again!

Here's this week's pregnancy blooper! Next week I'll work on better angles :)


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll stop by again next week for a *celebration* week, complete with FIVE giveaways!



  1. I love the purple dress outfit so cute.

  2. Visiting via The Pleated Poppy.

    You are completely adorable!

    I am currently hosting a Royal Wedding Wear GIVEAWAY featuring reader bridal gowns, hats, veil and engagement rings. I'd love for you to link up.

    Past posts are ok.

  3. Moms are funny aren't they?! I am running to the Target kids section today!! A.dor.a.ble!!

  4. I LOVE that purple dress. Such a great outfit. That polka dot cardigan is GREAT too!!! your so stylish :)

  5. Your hair's chopped! I love it! And the outfits too, as always :) LOVE the dress.


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