Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Those" People

In my job as a college recruiter, there are a few categories of students we recruit:

the gimmes: who are the motivated kids who get everything done quickly
the "oh man do I have to answer this call?" kids: I think this speaks for itself
"those" kids

"Those" kids are actually the thing that keeps me hanging on. It is the family you really connect with, the student you immediately know will be such a good fit for our university, the one you can't wait to see succeed. I've worked as a recruiter for 3 years and counting, and there have been several of "those" families that have touched my heart, but none like the family from this year.

We actually met by chance. I was at a college fair and they were pretty much going to walk by my table with nothing more than a wave. The son stopped to pick up some material, but the parents were quick to say that we were out of their price range. I then shared my story about paying for college, our tuition freeze, and how my parents paid more money for my brother to go to Texas Tech than they did for me at our private school. That certainly got their attention! We had a really good conversation that night and they left open minded about our school.

Fast forward several emails, phone calls, visits and meals, and I've gotten to know them pretty well over the past couple of months. With every conversation, I like them even more. They're so sweet and genuine. Call me crazy, but I like them so much that I hope Cody and I will end up being like them when we reach that point in marriage and ministry.

Their son had a big interview to be a part of a program at our school that was not only a great opportunity, but also a great scholarship. Everyone has been waiting about a month to find out who made the program, but I had no doubt he would be in. Great grades, clean cut, so personable... just such a great fit.

Imagine my surprise when we finally got the news today and to my horror, I saw his name at the top of the alternate section. My heart dropped down to my stomach and I didn't know if I was going to get sick or start crying. I knew how much hinged on him getting into the program and I didn't want to know what it meant that he didn't.

I immediately had to pack up some items and head out for a lunch visit, still on the brink of tears. I spent the majority of my drive asking why, trying to figure out how it could have happened, begging God to have someone turn down the program so that he could get in.

It was through my almost tears, sick feeling and prayers that it hit me: this is exactly how God feels for His children.

He knows when the bad news is coming and He cries for us. He gets sick over our disappointments and fears. He feels our pain and the hurts that we didn't know were coming.

Sometimes I think we needed to be reminded of that. Not only is the Lord present with us in our troubles and disappointments, yet He also feels for us.

I'm not sure what's going in your life tonight, but I hope you know you're not alone.

His heart is heavy for you.

 The LORD is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18 



  1. As a fellow college rep, I love this analogy! The moments when 'those' students succeed we rejoice with them, but when there's a let-down moment, there is a terrible gut feeling.

    But knowing the Lord walks through it all can be the constant comfort.

    Lovely post.

  2. What a sweet post and a great reminder of how God cares for us.

  3. How refreshing to read this post! What a comfort it is to be reminded of just how much God has invested in us...even when we feel like we've been left out in the cold.


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