Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Think I'll Keep Him

This week is a crazy, busy week at work for Cody. ATS (Association of Theological Schools) are on campus and are reviewing pretty much everything about the seminary (which Cody works for and we both have/are getting degrees from) to make sure the school stills meets the standards for our accreditation. (Without accreditation, a degree is pretty worthless.) He's been working like crazy in the past few weeks to help get all of the paperwork ready that the committee will need as they're on campus these next few days.

He called me about 11:15 today at work to let me know he wouldn't be able to go to lunch and asked me to pick up a few things for him. {we work at the same university and ride together every day} He let me know he'd leave the keys in his desk drawer for when I left on lunch break.

20 minutes later, he comes running into my office, drops the keys on my desk, gives me a quick kiss and breathlessly says, "the car is in your parking lot. gotta go. bye!'

can you believe it? he took time out of his stressful day to bring the car over so my lunch break would go smoother!

I've certainly got a catch!


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