Friday, February 18, 2011

Doozy Of A Week

Whew. I am tired. This past week was one of those that seems non-stop, always go, go, go, halfway checking one to-do off of your list while already behind on the next item. Sadly, the busyness isn't over yet. We have a preview day tomorrow at the university I work for and I'll be at work at 7:15 {not up and at 'em and getting ready, but actually ready and supposedly cheerful too. Will take lots of coffee for that!} One on hand, preview days are such a fun part of our job because we get to interact with the students we're recruiting, but boy howdy, they take a lot of of you! I will probably be in bed by 8:27 tonight and will be so happy tomorrow about 4:00 when I can finally relax!

We did have a big blessing this week as we celebrated with our friends on the birth of their baby girl! We were able to visit them and hold their sweet 5 hour old baby. Seriously! FIVE HOURS! That is the youngest I've ever held! It was just so sweet to see brand new, pure innocence and the immediate head over heels love the parents had for their daughter! I'm thankful that we were able to be present with them. Funny story from the night: the nurse brought their daughter in and went over several items, including the fact that feedings would be at 9, 12, 3, and 6. The new dad said "will ya'll be coming back in to tell us when it's time to feed?" And the nurse just laughed and said, "Sorry dad! It's all you now!" We all got a pretty good kick of out it! {and as non-parents, were slightly thankful that we would not see 12, 3, and 6!}

We're snuggled in now for a simple dinner and to catch up on our shows from this week.

Enough about me though, how was your week? Let me hear it: the good, the bad and the ugly!


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  1. This week was awesome. We started the process of closing on our house!!! It has been up for sale for close to a year!!! GREAT week with one exception... my baby boy and I are sick with respiratory infections and throat infections!!! We got some antibiotics so maybe we will be good so we can start MOVING out!!! =)

    Good Luck with your preview day!!! ( and I am sooooo glad I am past the 12, 3, 6 days.)


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