Monday, February 7, 2011


Happy birthday to the hunkiest man I know!

Here's 26 reasons why I love Cody:
He's good-looking! Ow ow!

He's a hard worker, even when I try to get him to slack off.

He likes to embarrass me in public.

He's got dance moves like you've never seen. {and maybe you don't want too...see above point}

He helps with my projects, even when they're semi ridiculous.

He's a handy man.

He is super smart {though I did score higher on the ACT than he did :) }

He doesn't mind when I tease about being smarter than ohm because we both know the truth.

He dreams big dreams for me, even when I don't believe them myself.

He's uber fashionable.

He loves our dog {even of he won't say it out loud}

He will someday be a great dad, though I'm a little worried about his disciplinary skills:

He does the dishes for me.

He knows when to call an audible and says: "we're going out to eat, you're not cooking."

He let's me sits closest to the space heater.

He goes to Body Step classes with me and does all of the embarrassing moves.

He laughs with me about the way he does the moves!

He helped me discover some great new tv shows.

He watches my shows: Say Yes to the Dress, What Not To Wear, The Real Housewives of Atlanta...

He's willing to go the extra mile to make my day better.

He knows my love language: DDP.

He sees how much DDP I drink and he doesn't judge me.

He loves dorky things and doesn't care who knows it. Star Wars, graphic novels, comic book characters... The list goes on.

He tries to include me in the dorky things he likes.

He has a plan of action ready, just in zombies attack.

He loves the Lord and sees him in places I don't {graphic novels!}

Happy birthday Cody! I hope 26 is your best year yet! I love you!

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  1. {Ok, somehow this post didn't pop up in my Google reader until today, so this is late...}
    Happy Birthday, Cody!! That picture of you and Kota is priceless and I believe it needs to be framed.


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