Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cleanin' Spree

A few weeks ago I sent out a Twitter poll asking if people had a vacuum cleaner they loved and if so, what kind. I bought a vacuum cleaner on sale with Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards when we first got married and it really hasn't ever worked all that great. It got the job done when we lived in our tiny duplex, but it was really struggling once we moved to our new house. {you know, 1500 sq feet as compared to 800!}

I've complained about it for a while and kept saying that we needed to bite the bullet and get a new one, but Cody wasn't too keen on the idea. It wasn't until after Christmas when Cody was trying to vacuum up leftover tree needles that he saw my side. {It was rather hilarious when he came stomping in, frustrated and yelling "this vacuum is horrible! it's not getting anything off the floor! *&#@$" "Oh really babe? I had no idea :) }

The general consensus from Twitter was that I needed to go big and look for a Dyson. Target had one clearanced out that was a good price, plus we had a $100 gift card and just happened to find a wedding gift card that we didn't fully use, and it had $91!! We were so excited that we were about to get a Dyson for cheap cheap cheap!

Sadly, we made it to Target and they were all out of the Dyson that was on clearance. Even more disappointing, it wasn't available online either! The next step up for vacuums was quite a big jump.. like $200 more! I have to admit, I mentally knew we needed to spend at least $300 to get a nice vacuum cleaner, yet you still choke up a little when you see $500! For something that sucks! {ok, that was bad- sorry! I really don't even like that word yet it seems to fit with vacuum humor!}

It took a lot of inner turmoil and debating if it was worth it but eventually we decided it was time to bit the bullet. We did end up getting 10% off by ordering a new one from Target online, {plus free shipping!} and we were able to use almost $200 in gift cards. It was a little hard to see that money disappear out of our account, but we both felt great about our decision once it came in.

Without further ado... our Dyson 25!


{forget WIWW people... this is me in real life!}

Now, I am almost ashamed to put this on our blog, but it is our blog, so I'll document it.

Cody took the Dyson on it's first spin around our living room, and this is what it got:

Disgusting, huh?!

Here's to our new vacuum and years of clean carpet!


  1. Oh my gosh! I can't believe it picked up so much stuff. I bet you were happy you spent the money after that. Glad you got a new one.

  2. We bought a steam cleaner a few years'll depress you too. Carpet is so nasty!

  3. I can't decide if the clear canister on ours makes me feel better about knowing how much the vacuum picked up or worse that there's all that dog hair on our carpet!


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