Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Really Happened.

I try not to post too much about my job on here, other than when and where I've been traveling, but this is just too good to pass up. Part of being a recruiter means being prepared for anything because it is a guarantee that something special will happen on any given day. Whether that means a kid replying to an email to ask what they're missing on the application and the whole point of the email you sent them was to tell them what they're missing, or someone trying to register for classes when they haven't even applied... we have certainly seen it all up here. This however, was certainly a first and it still makes my jaw drop when I think about it.

I was out on the road for a lunch visit (where we set up a table for students to pick up our brochures during lunch, obviously!) I had previously visited this school before so I knew to check in at the front, then drive around to the back where the cafeteria is located. Once inside the cafe, I asked a teacher which table to use and he directed me to the very first one so that I could catch students as they walked in.

I quickly got my table set up and students started coming in just a few minutes later. I had several kids stop in the beginning and pick items up. About 5 minutes into lunch, 3 students walked up to my table carrying their plates and this is the conversation we had:

Students (said with your best high school attitude, emphasizing the rude)
You took our table.
Me: Um... I'm sorry. This is just where the teacher told me to set up.
Well, where are we supposed to sit now?
(looking around the cafe) Are there no other seats available?
Well there's not going to be now.
(knowing the answer) Do ya'll have assigned seating?
Well practically.

It's at this point that they start whispering to themselves and I can see the writing on the wall. What solution did they come up with?

Yep, they just sat their food down on top of my materials. I could not believe it was actually happening. I know my mouth was hanging open and I kept looking around the room thinking, "This has got to be a joke. They can't be serious. Where are the cameras?!"

But there were no cameras. And they were serious. I figured because they were being so rude to me, I could take a picture. Because this was definitely an EXCELLENT photo opportunity.

It started out as only 3 students sitting at my table, but it then turned to 4, then 5... and I was about to break when #6 walked up. He had a plate heaping full of greasy lasagna and was trying to balance his tray, several cookies, fork and knife and a glass of tea, which was sloshing around and on the point of sloshing over. It was not until all 6 students were sitting at my table, covering all of my materials and taking up any room I would have had to talk with prospective students, did two coaches finally come over and tell the students they needed to move. They gave the coaches the same attitude as they showed me, but at least they moved.

I am still in shock that this actually happened, but I haven't even told you the worst part of the story: the principal came over and introduced himself to me and the students were already sitting at my table with their stuff on my materials. Yeah.

In case you're thinking about becoming a college recruiter... always be prepared for anything... and know you have to handle it with a smile on your face!



  1. From the letter jacket, this appears to possibly be Brownwood - who is maroon and gray....... how funny!

  2. That is ridiculous!! I can't believe that... I tell Mike all the time that I don't know how he handles a room full of high schoolers every day!!

  3. I'm still baffled by this. So proud to see the future generations act nothing like the generation of our grandparents (Greatest Generation) - good grief. I'm appalled by the Principal's response as well. I'll get off my soapbox.

  4. It's a good thing I wasn't there, because I would have been ALL over the kids and a terrible rep for HSU. I'm glad those coaches finally came up!


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