Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kitchen Clean Up Tip

I enjoy cooking, but sometimes the dread of doing dishes keeps me from getting creative in the kitchen. Anyone else feel this way?

The other day I read the simplest tip that has changed my cooking and cleaning up. I'm not sure if I saw it on a blog or in Real Simple, but it suggested to fill your sink with hot soapy water *before* you start cooking, so that as soon as you finish with a dish you can immediately wash it and avoid dried on food which will turn into a bigger pain!

I've been forcing myself to draw the water so that I can turn immediately cleaning dishes becomes a habit. Call me crazy, but I get a huge sense of satisfaction when I see my clean dishes sitting on the counter... And it's only magnified when I'm looking at the clean dishes while I'm enjoying my cooking!

Hope this simple tip helps you out!

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