Saturday, November 20, 2010

What A Day!

Warning: just recapping about today is going to make me tired again.

Remember a while back when I asked for your opinions about a race?And then I decided to do it? Our Saturday started off bright and early with the HSU Turkey Day 5k. We were up by 7 and out of the house by 7:20. I talked to several people that were also running the race and everyone was very reassuring that there would be all types of runners and running levels there. However, when we checked in today, I was just about ready to walk back to the car and sit there during the race because EVERYONE looked super fit. Seriously, there wasn't one person there who didn't look very fit or like a serious runner. I finally heard that a few people were there just to walk and talked with another girl who said she would be slow, so I felt a little bit of relief that I wouldn't be completely put to shame by my slow speed.

Once it got time for the race to start, I started out at the back of the pack. I mean, who wants to get passed by a bunch of people all at one time? What a bummer that would be! I worked out a schedule last week to do a pattern of 7 minutes of running/two minutes walking to make sure I wouldn't get burned out during the run. My pattern worked well, but the course was a little boring. It was a lot of going down a street and then turning around. About my third time running, I passed the girl I talked to at the beginning of the race. I then made it to my 2 minute walking period and she caught up with me and said she wanted to run with me. I finished walking and told her I was going to start running again, so she started too. I am not at all used to running with someone and it was awkward to try to find a pace for both of us together. I really wish I wouldn't have stuck with her, because it kinda messed with my head to try to run with her. Cody gave and found me with about 1/2 mile left and cheered me on to the end. With about two tenths of a mile left, I could see a girl coming up in my peripheral vision who had been walking behind me most of the race. I have to admit that before I saw her, I didn't really want to push all that hard to the finish, but once I saw her, I definitely WAS NOT going to let her pass me!

I finished under the time goal I was aiming for, running just over a 12 minute mile. The funny thing is that the last 5k I ran {when I had more actively been training for}, I only ran it about 3 minutes faster than I ran this one. It was actually encouraging once I got out on the course because a lot of the "super fit" people I was intimidated by before the race were only about a quarter of a mile in front of me. I know. I got worked up for nothing. Finishing the race was a good feeling and once it's done, people are just congratulating each other for participating. It was a good lesson and reminder to not worry about others and to get out and participate for myself.

So... my shirt. Last week ended up being much busier than I expected and I didn't have time to make one. In my mind, I had a shirt I already owned that would be perfect so I planned on using it. However, when Cody and I were getting our clothes out for the race, we both ended up pulling out the same shirt in different colors. I wasn't sure that I could do the matchy-matchy, so I used a different shirt, which ended up being much better.

Presenting... the race day outfit! {Post race:)}

Here's Cody in the original shirt I planned to wear {mine's pink though}:
The Cleveland Ronald McDonald House Shirt
{you can see that the words on the front make a heart, which is why I wanted to wear it. I think Cody just likes the shirt!}

And here was my back up {and better choice!} shirt:

I just knew it was right.

And this is real life people: Us trying to take a picture and Kota barking in the background!

After the run we quickly came home to shower and then headed to our Sunday School Social. We all met at Love and Care Ministries, which is obviously a ministry here in town. They help provide food and clothing for families in need. Every year Abilene has an event called Mission Thanksgiving, where people can bring food and clothes to donate. Mission Thanksgiving was yesterday and we went today to help unload the items. While we were there, we helped unload 2 semi's full of clothing. It was much harder work than you would expect, and Cody and I both are already sore in our arms and backs from all of the lifting and passing we did. They did say that all of the clothing donations they receive at Mission Thanksgiving will last all year long. It was a neat experience to be able to go help out a ministry. Afterward our class got together for lunch and then Cody and I came home and crashed. It was the best 2 hour nap ever for our exhausted bodies.

As far as the rest of the day went, I got groceries, spent a good deal of time crafting, and was finally able to go and pick up my wedding ring! I am proud to report that Miss Flirty Pants has lost some of her flirt and I think it might have something to do with the shiny ring she now has on her left hand ring finger. Hey, whatever keeps her away from my man! :)

And that was our Saturday! I am tired now and tomorrow will be another full day. Hope you're having a great weekend! Only 2 work days this week! Woo Hoo!!



  1. Lordamercy, I'm tired just reading all that. Hooray for kicking that race's butt and hooray for the best shirt ever! Defying gravity, indeed. Proud of you :)

  2. Way to go! I had NO IDEA HSU had a race!


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