Monday, November 8, 2010

Opinions Please

I am currently watching The Waking Dead {a zombie show} and I need anything else to focus on. I believe Cody has had a plan of attack for zombies since he was 5 years old and this show is like his dream come true. The zombies are super creepy to me though and I'm afraid I will have nightmares for weeks.

I need some opinions on something that's coming up.

Getting back into shape after my surgery has been a huge struggle and a much, much, much slower process than I ever dreamed it would be. In September I started the Couch to 5k program in hopes to get back up to 3 miles. It was a little slow going during travel season, and just when I thought I was never going be able to make it for an extended amount of time... I was about to go 8 minutes without stopping... then 10... the 15.. and without realizing it I was about to cover 3 miles {walk/run of course, though it became more running than walking!} There was a good 2 week period when I was running 3 to 3.5 miles several times a week. Granted, it was slow, but at least I was able to do it!

Then, my last week of travel season hit. Even though I was busy that week, I chose not make running as much of a priority as it should have been, and I didn't run once that week. Then, I got sick and took a whole week to recover.

So that is a full two weeks without working out. We went back to the gym tonight and I was able to walk/run 2.5 miles, with only minor side stiches :)

So here's the dilemma: HSU Student Activities is hosting a Turkey Trot 5k in about a week and a half. There is a slight chance that I will be traveling for work on that day, but if I'm here, Cody and I are considering running in it. I'm not worried about being able to cover the distance. I know I can come up with a walk/run combination to cover the 3.1 miles. However, my vanity is keeping me from wanting to sign up for the race because I know my time will be sooooooo slow and the race will have a bunch of youngin' running in it, who will probably be pretty speedy, and there will just be a lot of people that I see/work with/have to encounter on a regular basis.

I know that some people would know that I had heart surgery this year so it's a a big deal that I could participate in a race, but to most people, I think I'll just be the super slow runner who comes in last place.

If it were you in my shoes.. would you run the race and just be proud that you finished the race or would you wait to run in a race when you could finish with a quicker time and not as many people you knew were there?

Help me out people!

{p.s.- I need to decide by Friday in order to sign up a get a free t-shirt!}

{p.p.s - I'm thankful that I can come post on my blog about worrying over dumb issues like the time it takes to run a race and know that people will understand. Thanks for being a good sounding board!}



  1. I think you should run it, walk it, CRAWL it if you have to...and with great pride. No one is going to think you are slow. Races are for ALL abilities!!! The point is, you were brave enough to get out there.

    I also think you should make a shirt that reads, "I'm nit slow; I had heart surgery!" I've seen similar you get lots of high fives and you deserve every one!!!

  2. Abby-I have now run two 5k's. I LOVE the races....such a rush! I've read a lot of running info and one thing that really struck me was "you aren't going to be the slowest"....and so that was my goal - to not be the last one to cross the finish line. And for my first race, I was only ahead of one person....and my second race, I beat several people....set a goal for yourself and don't worry about anyone else....there will be ALL types of people out there (you'll see) and you may just find that you love it too!

  3. Do it! Duh! Who cares if they think you are a slow poke! AND then you can eat whatever you want for Thanksgiving completely guiltfree! : )

  4. Well, I think everyone above has already said it but... HECK YEAH, YOU GO RUN THAT RACE! Woman, you are a freakin' rockstar and the fact that you had major heart surgery, have undergone therapy, have trained AGAIN starting from scratch means that you get to go out there and run that race and be proud of your strong healthy body. You have taken such good care of yourself and I'm so inspired by your perseverance.

    And OH YES MA'AM to what Lauren said- guilt-free Thanksgiving eating after a race is the best :)

    Love you, friend!

  5. I'd definitely so go for it! I miss running so much, so if you're able, I encourage you to do it!


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