Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lord Help Our Future Child

{DISCLAIMER: This post contains information about our future children's names. Please know that just because we talk about them, doesn't mean they'll be gracing us with their presence any time soon. So don't get worked up thinking there's a hidden meaning in this post!}

Early on in our relationship, Cody and I started playing a game. The game is pretty simple: one person says "Hey what do you think about the name so and so?" and then the other person has free reign to think of the different ways kids would make fun of the name.

It sounds rather childish and I won't act like it's not :) It's actually provided many funny conversations between Cody and I. We have laughed so hard at the many "stretches" we've come up with just to find a way to make fun of another person's name.

I'm not even sure when we heard it, but one night on TV Cody and I heard a name and we both off handily said, "That's cute! Can you just picture a little pig-tailed girl running around with that name?"

In all honesty, I forgot the name and actually moved on to another one that I fell in love with. I want unique names for our children, yet I also want them to have a good meaning. So anytime we play the name game and it passes inspection, I then go search out the meaning of the name.

Tonight I was asking Cody how he felt about my choice for a girl's name {aka doing my best to convince him it's the top choice!} and he grimaced and replied that he still like his name better. I was shocked and said, "Your top choice? What's that?" and then he reminded me of the name we heard on TV: Ollie.

I really forgot about the name and of course had to participate in our game. Can't you just hear it? - "Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!"

Just to humor Cody, I went ahead and looked up the meaning of Ollie {and Olivia}:


Yep. Can't you just picture little Elf Army Neinast running around with her pigtails?

Me either. Lord help us when it finally comes time to pick a name!


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  1. Haha... this is hilarious. Reminds me of the episode of How I Met Your Mother episode recently about Marshall & Lilly & kids names, do you watch? So funny.


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