Sunday, October 17, 2010

Looking Back

My iPhone has been running at the speed of a turtle, so I decided to take some of the pictures off of in in hopes that it would run quicker. It was really funny to look back over the photos and the way we've changed, so I thought I would share some with you! (Who ever reads this thing!)

I had to try on this skirt as a tribute to a professor we love. All I need is a sweater vest!

My first homemade pizza! It was delicious - and I don't think it's hard to tell which side is mine and which is Cody's!

Coldstone to celebrate Cody's new job!! WOO HOO!

Oh... look who got left at our house. Thanks Lauren and Krystal!

A pre-surgery gift from That Pink Girl. Super comfy pj pants from a super sweet girl. Brought tears to my eyes!

Crazy Abilene weather- we had about 6 inches of snow in an hour!

One of my favorite pictures. They do love each other!

Madeline the party animal!

Kota didn't like his Christmas outfit.

Cody decorating for Christmas. Our heater was broken and I believe the house was in the 50's. Yeah, the clothes were funny but necessary!

In Cleveland with my mom. Our lives were forever changed by Wicked!

Our neighbors at Christmas. We've never met them but have appropriately named them the Griswalds.

Driving home from Thanksgiving. Cody and I were touching hands and Kota put his on top. Sometimes he can be pretty cute.

His growl distinctly said, "Really Mom, can't you see I'm sleeping here?!"

Cody put Kota on the shelf. He had no idea how to react. And we just stood there laughing!

Any guesses who's stocking this was?

Headed to class. In my house shoes.

Once again, Kota was all in my space with his bone.

Trying to figure out where the mirror should hang!

I distinctly remember saying, "Cody does my new haircut make me look like a boy?" And this is the picture and face he captured. Fun!

Never expected to see camels in Texas!

Cody modeling my house shoes!

Sweet Maggie.

The Diaper Cake for Miss Madeline's baby shower!

Taking pictures of my new hair cut. Cody is so lucky to have such a beautiful wife, huh? :)

I was trying to do my homework one night and Kota wanted in on the action! (he was actually chewing on a bone and kept putting it on my book)

I had just gotten these boots and it rained the first day I wore them. I had to walk across campus to class and was certainly not too proud to put trash bags over them to protect my shoes!

We were putting out fall decorations. Of course he can't be normal :)

My mom got this mirror and I fell in love! I took the picture to try and make my own, but she surprised me and gave it to me for my birthday this year! Aren't moms the best?!

I spent a good deal of time cleaning the kitchen and felt like I needed to document it!

He only looks this innocent!

I took this picture to send to my mom. We had just been on a trip together and got the orange mugs as our sovereign!

This was right after we moved into our house. I feel in love as soon as I saw the shelves. If only it was still this organized!

Ok, I think that's enough for tonight. I have a lot more that I still want to upload, but I'll keep you in suspense so you'll come back! It was neat to look back on pictures over the past year and remember where we've been and what we've been though. I'm thankful for pictures that document the big, little, silly, and joyful celebrations we've had. 2010 has been harder than we ever expected and it's nice to focus on the positive!

Hope you enjoyed a peek in my camera!



  1. Loved it....excited to see more! What a great idea for a post....

  2. ha, especially loved the first one! too bad you didnt have any of the stuff you tried on in san angelo! : )


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