Monday, September 6, 2010


This morning, I was disappointed when my alarm went off. 6:45 always comes too early.

This morning, Cody and I marveled at how empty the streets were at 7:50.

This morning, we remembered that it was Labor Day and we are among the unfortunate that have to work and not play today.

This morning, me, my husband and my coworkers complained some more about working on Labor Day.

This afternoon, I got in a car to go with my mom to my cardiology check up tomorrow.

This afternoon, I enjoyed making memories by singing silly songs and laughing with my mom.

While I complained about working Labor Day and was blessed to get to spend time with my family, this afternoon, another family's life was forever changed.

Dr. Tim Maddox was a Philosophy professor at HSU and a member of Crosspoint Fellowship, where Cody and I attended and served for several years. He collapsed this afternoon in his office on campus and despite attempts by emergency personnel, was pronounced dead this afternoon.
He leaves behind a wife and two sons, who are around the ages of 22 and 13.

Please say a prayer for the Maddox family as they deal with this unbelievable loss.

Today, I woke up annoyed at the alarm clock and complained that I was working. Tonight, I go to bed with a heavy heart for the Maddox family, thankful and humbled that I was able to enjoy another day.

Perspective changes things.

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