Sunday, July 18, 2010


I have a great day of respect for bloggers who post multiple times a day. I'm not sure my life is that interesting to post that much information for the few readers that I do have, and even now that I have a few minutes to sit down and actually blog something, I'm having a hard time coming up with exactly what I should blog about. So, this post will be random and disordered, but at least it is a post of some sort.

July has been a great month yet has flown by way too quickly. Part of the reason it went by too quickly is that we used one weekend to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and the next weekend to celebrate Nathan and Kaitlan's wedding. Both weekends were great and definitely wore us out! It was nice to get to spend our weekend in Abilene with nothing to do for the first time in forever.

As for the wedding, you can see they certainly made a beautiful couple! We had a great time at the wedding but the highlight of the weekend was that Cody was the officiant for the wedding. It was so special that he got to be a part of it in such a key manner. I am not exaggerating when I say that he did such a wonderful job! Seriously, I cannot even count the number of compliments we received that night and the compliments my mom is still hearing to this day. I am so proud of him!

In other news, things were pretty quite around the blog for the month of June because my time was tied up elsewhere. The whole month my schedule looked something like this: work 8-5, eat dinner, do homework for 3 hours, go to bed, wake up and do it again. Do you notice anything that doesn't fit with this picture?

Yeah, 3 hours of homework a night after I've graduated? Back in May after I finished my Master's I was passionately claiming that I was finished with school, end of story. I myself would have never guessed that within a month I would seriously be considering making school a longterm goal. I know that Someone is the one who put the idea my head and I am so excited about the possibilities it brings. I took two online math classes over the month of June and am looking at different options to pursue a teacher certification. Not only will teaching be a good job for me to have in case Cody pursue's his PhD work, but I am very excited about the option to love on middle school students during some difficult years. I'm not quite sure how quickly it will all play out, but I'm excited to have an idea of where my next step is going to be.

June was quite the month for us as we had one of the most exciting things happen to date in our marriage..... WE GOT CABLE!!!!

Yes, 23 months into marriage and we finally splurged! Cody preached 3 times over the month of May at a small church and was able to make enough money to pay for a whole year of cable, so we finally felt like it was a financial option for us. This is my first time to have DVR and I am IN LOVE! I am finally able to record anything I want and have quickly become addicted to the Food Network, HGTV and my first true love, TLC. Whew... it is certainly a task to stay on top of all of my shows but I am loving the challenge of it :)

I think that is a quick update on what has been consuming our time over the last few weeks. We've had a good summer and are enjoying actually spending time together, which seems few and far between when school's in session. We have about 5 weeks left before school and travel season start up again and we're hoping to enjoy every moment of it!

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