Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'll take another cupcake please...

Yesterday at cardiac rehab I read a sign talking about heart healthy eating. One of the tips was about knowing portion sizes (which we always hear about, yada yada...)

Here's what it suggest for heart healthy eating:
meat the size of a deck of cards (uh huh heard that before)
cheese the size of 4 dice (4 dice?!?! that's tiny!)
bagel the size of a hockey puck (where do you find a bagel that small these days?!)
pasta or rice the size of a cupcake liner (seriously?! A CUPCAKE LINER?!?)

Anyone else feel like they're eating the whole muffin pan of pasta?

{I later read on the sign that you should have a 2 oz serving of pasta. I'm guessing the cupcake liner helps figure out how much 2 oz is!}


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  1. oh look! you are blogging again! and yeah...a cupcake liner???? YIKES!


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