Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity Sighting

It's been an exciting week around the HSU campus. If you follow me on Twitter then you already know that our building is having a Biggest Loser competition between the 3 floors. If this is news to you, just to quickly explain: We all had to pay $10 to be a part of the competition. We weighed in on January 4th and every Monday there after. At your weigh in, if you gain weight, you have to pay $1 per pound. Sadly I know from experience that gaining .5 pound still equals a dollar, not fifty cents!

Each BL contestant is paired up with someone in our Physical Therapy Doctorate program and they are helping us with eating and exercise. Plus they're running several tests on us so that this is a learning experience for them. Ok, now that I have all that background information out there, here's the real news!

Our floor loves watching the actual Biggest Loser show. From the beginning, many of us were cheering for the Red team because they're from Aspermont, which is only about 60 miles from Abilene. I think it's safe to say that the Red team hasn't been presented in the best light on the show, though I'm really believing they're victims of editing. You always got to have the drama factor, right?

Somehow, this past week it was revealed that Melissa from the Red team actually graduated from Hardin-Simmons! Of course our team was even more excited to hear about the connection. My co-worker Bonnie and I searched the NBC website for her last name and then looked her up on Facebook. (Wow, stalker much? I promise we're not crazy!) We find her on Facebook and can tell from her status that she's back in Aspermont and even comes to Abilene a lot! If you only could have been there to hear the excitement in our voices as we realize all of this. As we're standing there talking, it hits me: we've got to get her on campus! Bonnie and I start throwing around ideas and I end up sending Melissa this message:

Hi Melissa,

I realize you have no idea who I am, but I attend HSU and currently work for the school as a recruiter. My coworkers and I enjoy watching the Biggest Loser and we are rooting for our fellow Texans team. We actually just recently realized that you attended Hardin-Simmons and we're very excited to have this connection with you too. I think you may have also been in the Leadership Program. I was also a part of that during my time as a student.

We are having an HSU Biggest Loser competition between the three floors of Sandefer Memorial and I thought I would ask if you might be interested in stopping by one day and giving us some work out tips or ideas on what helps keep you motivated. I realize you are probably very busy, but it's not every day that you have the chance to gain knowledge from someone who has gotten to train with Jillian and Bob so I thought I would at least see if you might be able to meet with us.

Thanks for taking the time to consider it!
Abby Neinast

Within TEN MINUTES, she had already sent this back:


Are you kidding me? I would LOVE to come visit ya'll!

I am under contract w NBC so it will have to be arranged with them. I've already sent NBC legal an email. I will be in touch when I hear back from them.


We were all going crazy! I honestly cannot stop giggling at the fact that I will get to meet a real life Biggest Loser contestant! I have since received another message from her with dates that she is available so now we're working on getting the actual date nailed down. I can't help but secretly wish that NBC would fly out to do a "Where are they now" on her and talk about how's she's sharing health tips with her alma mater :) I can at least dream, right?

So that's the most exciting thing happening on the 2nd floor of Sanderfer right now! I have to admit, knowing that she's coming to campus is definitely keeping me motivated! I don't want to appear like a slacker in front of Melissa!

Stay tuned for more Biggest Loser tips, including old pictures of me! I promise, you don't want to miss it!



  1. Okay, how cool is THAT?!?!? So exciting! Just goes to show, it never hurts to ask! Can't wait to read l about her visit!

  2. I noticed on this past episode that she graduated from HSU! I called Walt in the room to watch the clip- he thought I was crazy! I also agree with the editing- just trying to add drama. Please let us know when she comes and how she looks! I graduated from the PT department and we never did something so fun!

  3. She totally spelled "y'all" wrong. I knew she wasn't to be trusted. ;)

    Seriously though, this is very exciting, can't wait to see what happens!


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