Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dinner Date!

A few weeks ago we were headed to our favorite dinner location (I shouldn't even have to tell you the name!) when I received a phone call from a very special person. He informed me that he was going to purchase our dinner, and thankfully, he said we could spend more than the $5.68 it usually costs us on Wednesday nights!

We ended up at Logan's. This was probably our 2nd time to eat Logan's this semester, so it was a real treat for us!

Here's a few pictures from our special night:

It was only a tiny bit embarrassing to use the self timer in Logan's but we wanted to have photo proof! We were a tiny bit worried that our dinner sponsor might not reimburse us, but thankfully he was good for the money and even threw in enough for another meal!

Thanks for letting us have a great date night! We love you!

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