Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm Lovin' It.

I am sitting here listening to the best music to my ears. Have you heard of Slim in Six? It's a pretty intense set of 3 workouts designed to get you slim in six weeks. I've had it for forever, and used it off and on throughout the past couple of years. Before my Shred days, I even work up a few times in the morning to do it in preparation for Jamaica.

One day, Cody decided that he too would try Slim in Six. He, like all beginners, began at Start It Up. While semi-painful, Start It Up is only 24 minutes, and nothing compared to the Ramp It Up I was using. Cody chose to skip going to the gym today and opted for Slim In Six today. He confidently exclaimed that he was moving up to Ramp It Up today.

Imagine my pure delight when two minutes into the warm up Cody was already breathing hard and worriedly said, "This one sure goes a lot faster that Start It Up." The further he got into it, the harder he was breathing and the more he was wincing in pain. Call me a bad wife, but I laughed at him the whole 45 minutes. And I'm proud to say I can hang with Cody when it comes to Ramp It Up.

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Yes, somehow it is the month of May already. Who else feels like it should still be January? Time sure flys by. The main joys of May are that school is on the brink of being over, and of course, our family vacation. May brings some other changes with it to the Neinast household.

I know that being busy is an excuse for many people. Why they can't work out. Why they're so tired. You know the list. As much as I hate to use it as an excuse, during the semesters, Cody and I are very dang busy. Remember when I told you what our schedule looked like? Things are just crazy when we're in school, and due to business, many other things fall by the wayside because of it. I can confess to you, bloggers, that much of it is due to laziness. But when I have 30 extra minutes on a night, and my choices are picking up around the house or spending time with Cody, well, he never got mad at me for picking him and not picking up.

But now that school is over, Cody and I are getting rid of the laziness. We've got time on our hands and things are getting done. So here's an idea of what's going on around our Love Abode during May Madness:

Cody's List:
Organize Bills in an expandable folder
Clean cars (inside and out)
Move Tools
Put the back on a piece of furniture
Attach a TV antenna outside so we get better digital reception

My List:
Weekly Menu Planning and gasp, actual cooking!
15 minute rule - spend 15 minutes a night picking up stuff around the house before going to bed

Hum.. it is now very obvious that my list is much shorter than Cody's. However, there's a lot I will do that just won't get put down, including lots of spring cleaning around the house. We cleaned out the fridge today and it feels wonderful!

I don't know what needs to be done around your house or what you would like to accomplish this May, but feel free to join in our May Madness!

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I've been cooking a roast in the crockpot all day. It smells DELICIOUS. I don't know why, but I love the smell of roast. I don't remember us having roast all that often when I was growing up, but every time I smell it I can picture the big blue pan my mom cooked it in. Can't wait for dinner tonight!

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Ok, I'm off to check on dinner and clear off the table so we have a place to eat. Hope you're having a great week! Come back soon for our first week of menu planning!


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  1. this year has definitely gone by fast. i cannot believe it's may either!


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