Saturday, February 14, 2009

a little post called ketchup

Do you get the title of this post? Because I am sure laughing about it!! Here's a few pics to help y'all "ketchup" on our lives!

har har har.

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Have you seen the new blog design? Pinkarmchair Designs did a great job! It sure will be fun to leave up for February... after that I'll probably have to switch back over into toned, tanned and translated mode, but for now, we're feeling the love here at Life at Its Finest!

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Speaking of TTT {toned, tanned, translated} we've gotten a few clues since I last posted.. lets see if you can get it now.

This is possibly my favorite clue yet:

The days are quickly flying by
Much faster than a turtle
So get in shame and watch your diet
There isn't room for your girdle. (that is where I was rolling!)

The destinations still unknown
That could be kinda tricky
East or west, north or south,
We hope you wont be picky

Watch for your next green clue!!

My cousin Erin then sent out her guess in the form of a green envelope:

Thankfully this game is not based on "If you snooze you lose,
I truly think we may be going on an exciting cruise!

You do not have to pass geography (or biology!) to know:
Belize, Cancun, The Mayan and Costa Rica
Are all different places to go!

Although I have up with a fancy little rhyme,
Our family is not known for their honesty over time!

Pulling our legs, yanking our chains, proves to be interesting and fun,
As long as Bami's silence remains and we get to play in the sun!

Watch for your next green envelope!

And finally, this clue came a day or two ago:

The moon and starts shine bright at night
The day can be so sonny,
There could be shopping on the beach
So you might bring some money.

Or we could even go to town
The transportation's handy
The girls will want to buy Bling-Bling
The guys will just want candy.

Watch for your next green envelope!

Now if you had been on previous trips with us blog followers, you would pick up on some hidden meaning behind these. On our first trip to Aruba, we saw a turtle laying eggs on the beach, we met my grandparents friend Sonny, a jeweler in town, and the girls got some money for some bling bling. So as soon as Cody and I got this clue, I called Bami and we left a beautiful rendition of the Beach Boys "Kokomo" on their answering machine ~ Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya to Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama! so we were the first to guess Aruba. Oh if you could only heard the notes Cody hit. WOW. That is all we'll say. Honestly, I'm thinking its also a cruise. Nathan's girlfriend Kaitlan was the first to pick up on the clues of "East or west, north or south, destinationS still unknown..." but who knows!! Hopefully we'll know by the beginning of March where we're actually going.

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Last weekend was a full weekend. We started out by going out on a rather cheap date Friday night to go see one of the Abilene High School's play - High School Musical. We were supporting one of the girls in our youth group who can totally handle any type of attention.... so we came prepared:

With pompoms. It was a sad night when we couldn't find our #1 foam fingers to waive for her, but thankfully Dollar Tree saved the day. For cheap. And we totally bought treats there to sneak into the theater. And got to the theater only to find out that you can openly walk in with outside food, thus killing the spy mission we were on. Here's a pic of us and the star, Sharpay.

Side note, while she was signing autographs for the little kids, I was totally posing in the back of all of the pictures she was taking with them. So lots of kids will be surprised to see a purple pom pom in the back of their celebrity picture.

Saturday night we went out to celebrate the fact that Cody and I are finally the same age again! No longer does he get to brag that we're different ages. We went out to eat at Red Lobster courtesy of a Christmas gift card, and then went to see Taken. Cody got steak and shrimp off of the new Wood Grill menu and I got Hawaiian Isle salmon and coconut shrimp. The whole time we were eating we were drooling because the meal was THAT GOOD. His steak was better than anything we've gotten at Outback. So please, anyone, feel free to send us another gift card so we can experience that again.

If you haven't heard, Taken is amazing. You should stop what you're doing and go see it now. You will not be disappointed. Here's a normal picture of us from that night:

And this one showcases what happens when Cody says: I'm going to go Taken on you (followed by karate chops,jumps and kicks)

After we got out of the movie, we called my parents and left the following message on their machine:
If you take my daughter, I will find you. And I will kill you. Good Luck

If you've seen the movie or the preview then you'll know what we're referring to, but we just rolled laughing when we said it. So now we just keep saying it to each other to be funny.

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We let Kota upgrade from his cage to staying in one of the bathrooms. When I let him out at lunch, everything was grand in the bathroom. Then I got home after work and Cody left this for me to see: (sorry that its sideways)

Yes, the little rugrat got a hold of the toilet paper and had a hay day. And there's only one thing to do with this: You put the culprit down in the mess and take a picture. And laugh!

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Last thing of the night. Cody was eating lunch the other day and Kota was going crazy to get something. So Cody shared a few Cheetos with him, and apparently Kota really loves them. Enough that when I picked him up later, I saw he was saving some for an afternoon snack.

And just in case you forgot what our rugrat started out as, here's a flashback to Kota's first days with us!

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! I'll be posting again on that tomorrow!


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