Friday, January 2, 2009

2009, you're lookin fine...

Well, Happy New Year!

I am almost ashamed to admit to you how we spent our first New Years Eve as a married couple. We spent too many hours in the car driving back to Abilene, unpacked our bags, ate horribly greasy food from Whataburger at TEN FORTY FIVE PM, then came home to watch Father of the Bride. We did pause the movie just to catch the ball dropping, grab a quick kiss, then resumed the movie. We then piddled around the house till way to late and slept in even later on the first day of 2009. Dakota even slept in till 8:30, and then spent the rest of the morning in the cage while we continued to sleep.

As for the rest of our first day of 09, we exchanged some things at the mall and came home with the intention of napping, only to completely shock ourselves by starting our spring cleaning in January. I have stopped calling our guest bedroom a bedroom and instead call it a storage room. Because when I say storage room, you have no expectations of it being clean. In using the words, guest bedroom, someone might actually expect to get to stay in it. And the few people who have seen the guest bedroom know that it is not a livable space.

UNTIL NOW. We totally kicked some storage space booty yesterday and now have a what I am calling Bibliotecha bedroom. Because when you walk in, its hard to tell if its a bed room or a library, as we have FIVE SHORT BOOKCASES AND ONE SIX FOOT TALL BOOKCASE, ALL FULL OF BOOKS.

Seriously, too many books yet none can be cut. So please, fill free to stop by and read a while. We have a bed for you, with clean sheets waiting out in the dryer and eventually a black bedspread and cute pillows to adorn it. Pictures to come... eventually.

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Duh dunna DUH!

Wow, I just spent too much time figuring out how to spell out the noise duh dunna duh. Well, if you can't figure out what noise its supposed to be fill in your own, ok?

Presenting my 2009 New Years Resolutions.

First off, I'm joining about 2400 other women along with Beth Moore to memorize 24 Scriptures over the next year. Click over here if you care to come along on our journey. Cody has even declared that he will work on memorizing the scriptures with me, so it will be something fun for us to do together. All you have to do is post your scripture you're working on memorizing on the first and the fifteen of each month.. so that give you two weeks to memorize!

My second goal is to get healthy. I joined Weight Watchers Online right after Thanksgiving and had lost about 3 lbs before the holiday. I'll weigh in again tomorrow and I'm hopeful that I actually lost weight over Christmas. (I know, I almost feel like I'm sinning just by writing that! Losing weight over the holidays NEVER happens!!) I know that some people who know me in real life will look at me and say, You dont need to lose weight! I'm not looking for a dramatic 30 lb weight loss here. I had gained a few pounds since the wedding and wasn't doing anything to get them off. I have had a point in my life where I did need to lose 30 lbs (wait till you see those pics!) and I did WW then, so I know it works. By paying for it I know I will be accountable to myself and what I eat. I got a Wii Fit for Christmas and Cody and I are planning to hit the gym even more. I want to be able to run 3 miles straight by June. Not a big deal to many, but 2 years ago I was able to do it and I want to get back. My main motivation is that I want to enjoy life while controlling my food intake for health reasons. I am a short girl with a slow metabolism. I have finally come to accept the fact that I can't eat whatever and however much I want without it affecting me. I want to learn how to eat and live... eating the right things so that I can continue to have many years of life ahead of me.

My third new years resolution is vain. And somewhat contradicting to whats above, but I want to be able to wear a 2 piece swimsuit on our family vacation and to know I look good in it. You wouldn't even believe how skinny my cousins are... one even after 2 kids. Grr. I was always the chubby cousin. So its nice to go in and wow them, ya know? And if this one fails, I'll just go lay by the topless European women who are some confident women in all of their goods. And they got lots of goods. Surely anyone can fit in with that crowd.

The forth and final resolution I'm posting on tonight is to finish the Bibliotecha Bedroom and to actually have someone stay in it. Thankfully we do have a Feb. 28 deadline when my friends are coming in to town, but who knows.. Mom may come up sooner!

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Good night! Look for lots more blogging to come in 2009!

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