Saturday, September 13, 2008

you deserve a nice long blog catching you up on the details of our life, but you'll have to settle for this:

-life is definitely picking up and getting very busy, cody spends the majority of his time reading for his classes, and sadly i have to go to bed by myself most nights because he is such a dedicated student.

-travel season kicks off this week for good old hsu. this week our recruiters will be out over the dallas area and in some parts of oklahoma, so please keep us in your prayers.

-this past week i went to dallas to have an appointment with a heart doctor. even when things are going great with my heart and i haven't felt any significant changes, the few days before the appointment are still really scary. plus on top of all of that, my mom and i went to an adult cardiologist last march and it was not a good experience. nothing against the doctor, but he was not a congenitive heart disease specialist (meaning babies born with heart defects). the dr. we saw on tuesday is a specialist, specifically with replaced valves and pregnancies in heart patients, which is something we were worried about. the appointment went great, she was so thorough in explaining my condition to me, relieving our fears about pregnancy, and they did an MRI of my heart to get the best picture of any leakage or enlargement that might be there. we haven't gotten the results back yet, but we were at least releaved that we felt really good about the dr.

-yesterday when i came home on my lunch break, i noticed our guest bathroom toilet had a hole in it. i called cody to see if he knew about it, and he didn't, so i called the landlord (aka sniffles) to tell him about it. sniffles tells me that it must have happened the other day (wed/thur) when the plumber was working on the other side of the duplex. he put a snake in the pipes and they never found where it came out. sniffles said he would come turn the toilet off on friday and fix it saturday. when i got home at 5, cody was staring in our guest bathroom. i asked what was up, and he said that sniffles had just called and said we owe $125 to him for the new toilet because the plumber said there were not marks from the snake in the toilet tubes, so we must have dropped something on it to break it. granted, we had just found out earlier this week that we owed a big amount of money to something else, but i got so mad and jumped on my soap box about how we were not going to pay that, we didn't do anything to break it and we have a landlord for this reason. cody laughed at me, but i drew you a picture to explain the situation...

as i hope you can tell from the picture, the hole is at a place that unless you were actually trying to break it, it wouldn't just break. so after my ranting and raving for a while and going outside to see if we could see the toilet, only to find out it had been thrown into the trash can and shattered into too many pieces, cody called sniffles to talk to him about the situation. thankfully cody stayed calm, and explained that we didn't do anything to the toilet and we shouldn't have to pay for it. sniffles said, "no, i saw a glass container on the tub." to which we explained, its plastic, it could not break a toilet. long story short, cody stood up to sniffles and now we don't have to pay for the toilet. and we had a fun time jumping into the tub and pretending to throw plastic things at the toilet to break it. ha ha, its the simple things that entertain you when you're poor!!

-we were in bed last night at 9, and i was knitting and cody was doing homework. we felt like old people. but its fun to be old together. and cody totally just dropped his wedding ring behind our bed. ha. our bed does not just slide out. its a taking apart process. this should teach him to leave it on!

-ok, i am getting ready for bed now. more to come later!


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