Friday, September 19, 2008

700 miles later and I’m home safe and sound. Tired, but very excited to be back. Now I have a few weeks before I have to hit the road again. Oh wait, it’s next Thursday. But at least it’s a trip home to the panhandle.
In other wifely news, I have recently discovered my biggest down fall when it comes to cooking.


I know, so sad. It’s not even anything involving real cooking. Mentally, I know that it’s probably that the Cool-Whip needs to sit out longer and thaw out. But it seems that no matter how long I leave it to thaw out, it still ends up not spreading like it’s supposed to. I was inspired for some reason to make a Better-Than-Anything (or fill in your word of choice). I was brave and actually used my 13x9 Fiesta Ware pan to cook it. 1. I was worried that something was going to go wrong and the pan would crack in the oven. Thankfully this did not happen. Although when I took it out of the oven, it was maroon and not red. Thankfully it cooled off and is scarlet red again. So I put the eagle brand on and the caramel, let it cool a bit and then put the Cool-Whip on. The cake tastes good, but eww, the Cool Whip looks foamy. Good thing Cody is brave!
We started watching Biggest Loser tonight. We were totally being lazy bums and Cody was eating a big piece of cake. Ironic, huh?
Ok, I’m off to bed. Hallelujah for sleeping in!


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