Thursday, June 5, 2008

another winner!

a recent email conversation:

My email-
You canʼt come and register for classes until you have been accepted at HSU. We will need your High School Transcript and ACT/SAT test scores to finish your application. Have you asked your counselor to send us a transcript? And do you have any plans to take the ACT or SAT again? We do have test scores on you, but you really need to raise your scores. Let me know if you have plans to take the test again.

and the smarty pants response-

i do june 14th and she said dat she needs to kno if coach burleson has ma ncaa clearing house papers sayin dat im clear and she said dat the final transcript will be sent to the school after graduation

apparently it is a lot easier to type "dat" instead of "that" and "ma" is the new "my".
what wonderful english lessons high school seniors teach us.

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