Sunday, April 6, 2008

where's waldo?

hello faithful bloggers. this past week was packed full, and my internet access has been cut off. but more on that later.

i've been out of the office for the past two weeks and life is flying by. two weeks ago i traveled to san antonio and houston for the national hispanic fairs. it was nice to get out of the office and see sterotypes come true right before your eyes.

last week was far more interesting, and i got to travel to san marcos and san antonio. oh my goodness. it has been years since i have been to the outlets at san marcos, but they are so much more fabulous than my dreams would have ever imagined. surprisingly enough, i did not spend that much money and came away with some great buys on a new purse and some house stuff. even more exciting, i was in san antonio for this :

yes, its true. i was a part of the final four action. i'll let you believe that i got to see the games on saturday night, and that i wasn't really there for a college fair and only saw this important person: Tyler Hansbrough, of UNC. (aka. LP's boyfriend, with permission from the hubby jason)

yes, please believe that i got to see the games, and that i am currently mourning with LP over the loss of her team. (one of these statements is true. )

the real reason that i have not blogged is that as soon as i arrived home from traveling, i was immediately put to work by my slave driver mother who had me staining cabinets, scrubbing baseboards and washing lots and lots of dishes.

or maybe, my awesome parents that i previously wrote about, spent 2 days without me, cleaning the new house in a way i never would have had the time or ability to do, and now we have a sparkling clean kitchen, beautiful doors, clean bathrooms and actual furniture to use in the house, foundly named the love abode by my mom. i will be posting pics soon, because you will not believe the amazing transformation that has taken place. since my stuff is over there now and i don't have a neighbor that has unlocked their wireless internet, my evenings are going to be much longer now that i can't "borrow" the internet off of church street. so sorry to tell you, the blogs will be fewer and far between these days, but rejoice in the fact that i am saving money. that should help you sleep tonight.

ok.. i am off to go unpack a box and then head to bed as its back to the real world tomorrow... have a fabulous week!

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