Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a letter to my friend...

i still remember the first time i met you. it was in dr. tillman's office (yesh.. enough said) during the spring semester of my freshman year. i was in the middle of pledging, so i was clinging to my goofy book and gator. let's just say we were both a little puffier back then.

despite your puffiness, i instantly knew you were cool. don't know why i thought so, but i did. there is no way i could have known then what the next four years would hold, and that someday you would be a close friend.

these past two years have been filled with laughter, awkwardness, sarcasm, and really good memories. i knew that eventually the day would come when things would change. and now we're there and i was just not prepared.

i am thankful that there is a new friend to carry you through the hard times. yet i grieve for our times, our jokes, complaints, jabs, and memories. i know that time will make it better, and surely time will remove the strain that has appeared. yet waiting for the time to pass to get to the better is a long process.

thank you for your friendship, the time you have invested in my life and the memories we share.. here's to more days of wildcat magic, paper and plastic dinners, and our lady liberty.

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