Tuesday, March 4, 2008

cheese it

yes, i am totally blogging at work.

however, in my defense, i came back from my lunch break early specifically so i could have free time to blog, and then had a walk in admissions session, so i am now finishing up my lunch and blogging for you.

this weekend was an exciting and very busy weekend.

1. it was sigma alpha's alumni weekend, which meant all of my friends came back into town! it is always good to have us back together, though i do have to admit that 90 girls in a small space together is a little overwhelming. i will post pics later. i just haven't put them on my computer yet.

2. alumni weekend also marked the 5 month anniversary of the day cody and i got engaged. so in honor of that, here are 2 of my favorite pics from the weekend of Sept 29, 2007.

the first two pictures are of me trying to figure out what is going on. its funny how my face shows when everything finally clicked! the last picture is of my friends crowding around some of the only light so they could see my rock.

3. my parents came into town! it was so great to get to spend some time with them. i am so happy they came down for reason point number 4.

4. i had my first shower this weekend! it was so much fun!! my bridesmaids did an incredible job of planning it. definitely the best shower i've been to in my opinion :) i would love to post pictures, but it has to remain a surprise from cody so i cant. nor do i think all of the internet wants to see that business. ha ha. having a shower was fun, but a little scary at the same time because it made all of this wedding business a little more real. but in a good way!

5. we ordered invitations!!! that is right. the date and time are set in stone. july 5, 2008 and 6 o'clock in the evening. i will include a picture, but please know this does not do it justice!

i am very excited and have already established a plan to address 25 a day for the month of april. this way i can be sure the hand writing is pretty :)

6. cody and i finally celebrated valentine's day on sunday. yeah, we were just a little late! i made an indoor picnic with some of his favorite foods - betty rosa's chopped brisket, mashed potatoes, mac 'n cheese, and most importantly, spice cake cookies. it was all pretty dang good if i do say so myself. once again, took pics but don't have them on the computer yet!

finally, i made a new blog header for the month of march. yes, we are at four months and counting!! or about 125 days. whoa!

oh. really finally on this point. how could i have forgotten? not only did i have an awesome weekend eating with friends and family, i lost a pound. ha ha. that is the icing on any cake!!

that's it for now. i think i've finished up my lunch hour and maybe stolen a few extra minutes.. off to work i go!

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