Monday, July 25, 2016


Currently, I'm...

Listening... to The Popcast. Yep... Cody has been trying to get me on the podcast bandwagon for years and I finally jumped on board. I also like The Big Boo Blog, Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey and God Centered Mom.  Occasionally I'll listen to one of Cody's too, but I can't act like I enjoy those too much or it will go to his head. 

Eating... Nothing right now. I'm trying to exercise some discipline in my life and make smarter food choices. It's working... it's just also feels un-fun sometimes. Let's just say I've been on a free for all since we moved to Snyder (3 years ago cough cough) and am now paying for it. 

Drinking... Diet Dr. Pepper. Which may not be the healthiest of choices, but better than the root beer's I got addicted too after Camp was born! 

Wearing... My "All I need to today is coffee and a whole lot of Jesus" t-shirt. It was after 1 before I fell asleep and Camp had me up at 2, 4:45 and was ready to start the day at 7, so it seemed appropriate. 

Feeling... Like I *need* to take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, yet not finding anything worth pulling the trigger for. How do people not get so overwhelmed while trying to shop the sale online? 

Wanting...  Cooler weather. This Texas summer has felt extra brutal this year and I'm looking forward to fall weather. (Come quickly November!) 

Watching... The Bachelorette. A friend went to college with James Taylor so I watched this season to cheer him on. I think Jordan has been the front runner from the beginning so I'm not even sure I need to finish out the season. 

Enjoying... Angry Birds POP! (hangs head in shame) The only games I really have on my phone are for Griffin, but they talked about this one on The Popcast the other day so I downloaded it. Cody saw me playing it and he got it too, so now I feel pressured to play good and stay ahead of him. 

Reading...  Nothing currently, but I'm saving books up for a vacation in a few weeks. I plan on hitting up the library and checking out actual books. Have any good suggestions? 

What's are you currently doing? 

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