Sunday, May 29, 2016

Welcome Camp!

Considering that our newest addition is now one month old, it's probably about time that I wrote something about his birth. I realize I haven't been a faithful blogger in years now, but I do love looking back at what I wrote for Griffin's day... mainly because I wouldn't remember otherwise!

Several months after I had Griffin I had a surgery to remove the very large fibroid in my uterus. We knew then that because of this surgery, any future children we had would be through a c-section. Here's more info than you care to know, but with a c-section, they cut into a fleshy part of your uterus, which is part of the reason you can try for a VBAC if you want. With my surgery, they actually cut into the muscle. The muscle is weakened then and they do not want you to get to the point where you might have contractions, otherwise it could cause your uterus to rupture. Yeah... I would like to avoid that too! All of that said, we knew going into this pregnancy that I would have a c-section. The "no-contraction" rule meant that I needed to deliver between 37-38 weeks and because of our work schedule, we asked sometime in January or February to nail down a date and were able to select a date that fit in that range... so April 28th it was!

I'm going to be honest, choosing a date is so awesome.  Not only does it take out a lot of worries (though crazy pregnant lady hormones still worry about crazy water breaking scenarios) but it was so nice to "only" have to be pregnant until 37 weeks and miss those last three weeks. This pregnancy was much harder on me than Griffin's in so many ways and I'm not sure who would have been harmed in those last few days, but it would have been someone. (Let's be honest, probably Cody!) I was just done. DONE. Thursday, April 28th could not come soon enough.

We went to Lubbock the day before to have a "Big Brother Day!" for Griffin, which included jumping at Altitude, a trampoline park, lunch and ice cream at CFA and finally, our first trip to Chuck-E-Cheese! It really was a fun day for us to spend a last few moments as our little family of three.




Cody and I actually stayed the night in the hospital. They have a hotel floor for $25 a night... can't beat that price! I asked Cody to take one last bump picture but to make sure it was flattering. He of course went super silly with a few different shots and ended on this one- where the bed he was standing on almost rolled out from underneath him. It was hilarious and some tension relief we needed!


We were up bright and early then next morning to head to L&D at 5:30 to get prepped for surgery at 7:30.  Apparently I was supposed to have orders for my c-section but I didn't, so it slowed things down a little bit. I was supposed to be back in the OR at 7, but it was actually closer to 8 before  they wheeled me down. Honestly I wasn't afraid of having a c-section until this point, mostly because the nursing staff began to prep me for having a 37 week baby, which included a lot of emphasis on the "wimpy white boy syndrome" and problems breathing. I know it is good to be prepared, but it was a little bit of a downer right before going into the OR.


I know an emergency situation would be very different, but a planned c-section was so calm and relaxed. The nurses were joking with us and just chatting it up with the anesthesiologist and my OB. They took me back first to get the spinal in place, which was just a trip. It is so crazy to almost instantly not be able to feel your legs, only to feel tingling. Once that was set and I had been cleaned and sterilized, they brought Cody in. While chatting with the nurse, she asked if we had a name picked out yet. It was so strange to actually be able to say it out loud after keeping it a secret for 4+ months. Turns out that my OB has a daughter with the same name we picked, which was a funny coincidence! Things went pretty quick from here. Cody was brave and watched once it was time (though I teased with him to make sure he wasn't going to pass out, as they told us if the dad passes out, he had to be taken to the ER, which was located at a hospital branch across town!) At 8:30 a.m. on the dot, Campbell "Camp" Rinn came into the world at 6 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long! He seemed so tiny to us, but everyone was pleased with his size for a 37 week baby. Luckily there was no wimpy white boy to be found. He was quite the stud from the beginning. (nurse's words!)  I was able to do skin to skin in the OR and then taken to recovery. We expected to be there two hours, but the spinal wore off quicker than that and we were all doing so well they went ahead and wheeled us back to our room.


More to come!

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