Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Books Of The Bible Rap Lyrics

As a part of our Wednesday night children's activities, we had a very generous donation made to our ministry to purchase 45 Bibles so that each student would have one to use during our lesson. It also helps that we're all using the same one, which makes it slightly easier for me to tell the kids where they need to be for our lesson that night. Despite the help that I try and give them on where to go, I've noticed that most of our kids don't know the books of the Bible.  Heck, I myself am guilty of knowing generalized areas, but some books take me a while to find! For Lent this year I challenged our students (and myself!) to learn all 66 books before Easter. We're using this great rap I found on Youtube from North Point Kids.

After showing them the rap last week, I sat out to find the lyrics so they could read it as the song was playing. If they are online somewhere, I couldn't find them so I typed them up for the kids today and wanted to share them online in case anyone else needs them. (Or if you want to challenge yourself to learn the books too!)

Here is the link to the lyrics. Enjoy!

these are the books of the Bible when we read them it makes us stronger and we learn about our heavenly father when we read all the books of the Bible....


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