Friday, July 11, 2014


A little back story for you:

Despite the fact that I've always said we wouldn't try and potty train before Griff was three, he's started showing some interest in using a big boy potty. We have a few trips planned in the next few weeks that are keeping me from jumping head first into full on training, but we have at least purchased a few training necessities and are letting Griffin use the potty if he wants.  Cody and I have laughed because G currently thinks that using the potty and getting to flush are the rewards. Cody even went as far to say- "he won't ever know that kids are supposed to get chocolate for this!" Of course, I gave him the crazy eye for that statement because he wouldn't be doing most of the training work!

Today Griffin told me he wanted to go potty. As soon as he got on the seat though, he instantly said he was finished. A dry diaper told me he really probably needed to go, so I did it: I offered him chocolate if he used the potty. (don't tell dad it took me less than three days to sell out to him!)  Griffin, of course, instantly perked up and was able to earn his chocolate. I only gave him a few mini Reese's out of the bag and told him we could finish the rest after nap time.  Honestly, I told him this because I knew he would forget. His go to word after waking up at any moment is: TB! TB! (yes, we have a pint size tv addict.)

Griffin did take a great nap. And as soon as I walked in to get him from his nap, he gave me the sweetest smile and said- Chockit? Chockit? Chocolate face-2

How could I deny that face? Looks like I'll need to pick up more chockit to make it through potty training! 

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  1. HA! Despite not even watching a ton of TV, it is always Isaac's first request each day too!


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